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Synonyms for dipole

a pair of equal and opposite electric charges or magnetic poles separated by a small distance

an aerial half a wavelength long consisting of two rods connected to a transmission line at the center

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Current magnetic memory devices, such as the hard drives in most computers, 'write' information into ferromagnetic materials by flipping the magnetic polarity of discrete areas of the storage medium to correspond with the 1 or 0 of a computer's binary code.
Relative abundance of suitable iron oxide that can ideally preserve the in situ records of earth's magnetic field permits successful reconstruction of magnetic polarity events of the Late Cenozoic Siwalik Group of sediments in the Himalayan Foreland Basin (HFB) (Burbank and Beck, 1991; Johnson et al.
Sunspots are cooler regions of the photosphere that consist of oppositely charged magnetic polarity.
They describe the magnetic polarity time scale across the Permian-Triassic boundary, two remarkable Permian petrified forests, global Permian tetrapods, the climate of the region now known as Europe, tetrapod ichnofacies, footprint comparisons by region, amphibians, fishes of continental basins, Permian to Triassic sequences in Europe, the singular questions of transitions in France, implications from findings in Morocco, and the record left by insects.
If you need to space relays closely and cannot afford the cost of shields, alternating the magnetic polarity of pairs of relays will diminish, but not eliminate, magnetic effects.
Magnetic polarity of coil and magnet forms a pull on the valve plunger to energize, and it remains in position through magnet strength.
When latching, the magnetic polarity of the coil and magnet form a strong pull on the valve plunger, which moves it to the energized position It is kept there through the strength of the magnet alone.
By passing current through electrodes on either end of the power rail, the magnetic polarity is set to either 1 or 0.
The helical magnetic polarity allows each particle to directly contact the magnet and pass the strongest areas of the magnetic poles for maximum separation efficiency.
Subsequent revisions to the magnetic polarity timescale (Shackleton et al.
The smaller magnetic data bits get, the more unstable they tend to be, in the sense of flipping their magnetic polarity.
The operations of a computer, on the other hand, replace the presence of materials with pattern recognition, with code transactions and magnetic polarity switchings that transpire in no time and without regard to distance.
As the maglev speeds along the track, alternating electric currents that pass through each coil in the guideway walls constantly change the coil's magnetic polarity (see diagram).
read) that the magnetic polarity was reversed thousands of times.
However these researchers have refined the Pilgrim's Upper Siwalik subdivisions through magnetic polarity zonation.