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any storage medium in which different patterns of magnetization are used to represent stored bits or bytes of information

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The deal will boost WDC current magnetic media business and will enable the company to meet more closely the rising demand for hard drives, it said in a press release.
According to WD, it will then continue to manufacture the majority of its magnetic media requirements at current facilities in Malaysia and source the balance of its media needs through its strategic external partners.
ISLAND DREAMS Magnetic media for data storage currently take the form of continuous films, but some researchers see advantages in making computer disks crammed instead with densely packed but magnetically isolated nanoparticles.
Peter Ford, who formed Magnetic Media ten years ago, becomes chief executive of the firm of eXant, its associate company in Dublin.
The Social Security Administration (SSA) has announced that Magnetic Media Reporting and Electronic Filing (MMREF) is now mandatory for 2001 tax-year submissions.
1, which provides several new capabilities, including expansion of accruals and tracking of vacation, holiday and sick leave based upon user definable parameters; magnetic media capability; interface for the optional MICR encoding module to encode and print payroll checks on blank safety stock; automatic signature capability in the MICR encoding module; interface for various popular time and attendance modules; and an interface to WinFiler Plus to automate the reporting for state and federal requirements.
Near-line storage consists of optical media jukeboxes and automated tape-retrieval libraries, while off-line storage consists of shelved optical and magnetic media.
Preparers may keep these documents on magnetic media or in an electronic storage media system.
The Jaz cartridge itself is a hybrid design that uses two platters of a special magnetic media stored in a hard-plastic container.
For high-end cores - those used for magnetic media, medical films, and other more demanding applications - a Total Indicator Runout (TIR) device can be used to measure OD ovality.
6721-1T(a)(2)(ii) provides that a failure to timely file "includes a failure to file in the required manner, for example, on magnetic media or in other machine-readable form as provided under section 6011(3).
Demand for the Company's products for cell phone and magnetic media applications is below what had been previously expected.
magnetic media (if any) used in the production of the printing called for in the
As improvements in magnetic media design continue, the developers of tape drives and media have more technology to work with to improve their products.
This information may be maintained as a paper record, in magnetic media format or in an electronic storage media system.