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Magnesium: Various magnesium compounds may exert a relaxing effect on the muscles and thus ease the generalized pain that often characterizes various forms of arthritis.
This is due to our low rainfall and the presence of calcium and magnesium compounds, which often keep the pH considerably higher than 7.
The most commonly used laxatives are magnesium compounds such as milk of magnesia and magnesium citrate.
Mr Gonzalo Robles(2) of the Mexican Mining Chamber points out that a key factor in favour of NAFTA is that: "Mexico and Canada have been co-suppliers to the US market in a wide range of metals and nonmetallic minerals - primarily silver, zinc, fluorspar, cadmium, gypsum, sulphur, magnesium compounds, cement, salt, sodium sulphate and lead".
Mildred Hastbacka, senior marketing manager for Morton International, adds that magnesium compounds generally suppress smoke better than ATH.
Magnesium compounds (such a Philip's Milk of Magnesia).
Magnesium compounds cannot be advertised as a preventive treatment of diabetic hypertension, and beta carotene may not be said to prevent lung cancer.
Magnesium compounds have been shown to reduce the amount of smoke generated in the burning mode.