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the royal charter of political rights given to rebellious English barons by King John in 1215

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Three years later, their doctrinal Magna Charta -- the Ecosex Manifesto 1.
The keynote speech was delivered by David Lock, secretary general of the Magna Charta Observatory and international adviser to the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education.
They had not Magna Charta In ver l'estate, Queen of Akragas Resistant, Templum aedificavit Segesta (Cantos, 771-2)
44) Magna Charta, cum statutis qu& antiqua vocantur, iam recens excusa, &summa fide emendata, iuxta vetusta exemplaria ad Parliamenti rotulos examinata: quibus accesserunt nonnulla nunc primum typis edita (London: Richard Totell, 1556); ESTC, S101069; Beale, Law Books, S17.
Charged with praemunire, that is, an illegal appeal to the pope in Rome from England, the archbishop argued "the liberties of the Church are guaranteed by Magna Charta, and several kings who violated them, as Henry II.
Marx, por demas, tambien vio este punto central de la misma manera al confrontar la "magra Magna Charta de la jornada laboral establecida por ley"--la cual, como politizacion de la lucha de clases (lucha por una ley parlamentaria), es producto de la solidaridad ("los trabajadores unidos por las cabezas")--con el ampuloso catalogo de los derechos humanos inalienables.
La Magna Charta Universitatum (Bolonia, 1988), emitida con ocasion de los 900 anos de la fundacion de la Universidad de Bolonia, resumia la mision de las universidades en la sociedad moderna.
improve the indices, evaluations of where -you-publish-what-I-couldn'tcare-less, careers conceived of as exhilarating but flattened at the low positions in most situations" ["The role of universities as promoters of values", en Making the Magna Charta Values Operational, Proceedings of the Conference of the Magna Charta Observatory 16-17 September 2010, P.
Largely ignored or disdained by the middle classes and the more respectable press, the Tichbornites under Keneally were incorporated into quasi-party form in the Magna Charta Association, served by the Englishman, Keneally's own weekly newspaper.
The Ministry of Education and the Tetovo State University (DUT) are silent regarding threats of the Magna Charta Observatory for throwing out DUT from the Bologna process.
He supervised the drafting of the Magna Charta and commissioned Robert Fitzwalter as the Marshall of the Army of God and Holy Church, and together they met King John at Runnymeade and forced him to sign the Magna Charta, which guaranteed the ancient God-given rights of Englishmen.
Ms Meyers is a member of the San Francisco Chapter of the National Society of Magna Charta Dames and Barons, and also president of her local branch of the Colonial Dames of the Seventeenth Century Chapter.
Parini espone i pregi dell'egualitarismo, citando il "Sermone della Montagna," ma sebbene riconosca il suo spirito democratico radicale, omette, secondo Annoni, di approfondire le implicazioni nel Sermone, la cosiddetta magna charta del Cristianesimo (21).
In 1215 we got the Magna Charta and the rule of law began to develop.