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French politician who proposed the Maginot Line (1877-1932)

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My dad and many other men remember fighting next to the 100th Division, and the Maginot defenses, the Battle of the Bulge, and Operation Nordwind.
28 January 2014 - Affiliates of US buyout firm CCMP Capital Advisors LLC have agreed to buy Canadian vitamins maker Jamieson Laboratories Ltd from Vauban International Investments ULC and Maginot Corporation, companies owned by Eric Margolis, US journalist and Jamieson's CEO, the target said.
JPG) Reverend Michael Maginot performed exorcisms to the family and the house after being authorised by Bishop Dale Melczeck of the Diocese of Gary.
The Dodd-Frank Act's Maginot Line: Clearinghouse Construction" by Mark J.
A Maginot Line B Sandal Line C Plimsoll Line D Jubilee Line QUESTION 5 - for 5 points: What does the German word kindergarten mean?
Examples of specific topics include the Maginot line in memory and tourism, facially disfigured veterans as walking reminders of war, photographic and cinematographic representation of the Armenian genocide, war tourism in Poland and Germany, Slovenian history and collective memory of World War I in inter-war Yugoslavia, representation of the memory of Jews in physical space as an element of Polish identity, and aspects of Czechoslovak cultural life in Britain during World War II.
Muchos ejemplos pudieramos citar de como su ereccion termina por demostrar su inutilidad, como las murallas de Roma, frente a las cuales se estrello el genio militar de Anibal; o mas recientes como la Linea Maginot, en Francia para defenderse de Alemania y que de nada le sirvio en la Segunda Guerra Mundial.
During World War II, Morris betrayed detailed information about the Maginot Line to the invading Germans, aided the Gestapo as a torturer and was assassinated by the French Resistance in 1944.
There is no Maginot Line in cyber space as recent high-profile attacks on defence contractors have shown," he said.
There is no Maginot Line in cyber space as recent high profile attacks on defense contractors have shown.
The German forces outflanked the Maginot Line and attacked the greater French territory.
Maginot is also a member of Justice for Priests and Deacons.
Then it was a quick hop across Paris to board the TGV to Sedan from where we visited the historic Maginot Line.
One hundred and sixty-five concrete steps above us, frozen in time, was one of military history's really bad ideas - the Maginot Line.
This Maginot Line had created a false sense of security for bond holders, while commoditizing the market.