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Still, a synchronized emergence of Magicicada species is one of the great spectacles of nature.
One example: Roughly 4 million years ago, Magicicada ancestors started splitting into three distinctive forms (Decim, Cassini and Decula), the researchers reported in April.
Observations on Periodical Cicadas (Brood XIII) in Indiana in 2007 (Hemiptera: Cicadidae: Magicicada spp.
Fatty acid composition of fosfolipids and triacyglycerols of selected tissues and fatty acid biosynthesis in adult periodical cicadas, Magicicada septendecium.
But only the seven named species that make up the genus Magicicada live underground for more than a decade and then burst forth to breed in multi-species masses.
During the spring of 2004, brood X of the 17-y cicada (Homoptera: Magicicada cassini, M.
This year's cicadas belong to the genus Magicicada, which includes broods emerging every 13 or 17 years.
The 1991 emergence of the periodical cicadas (Homoptera: Cicadidae: Magicicada spp.
In 1998 Missouri experienced the emergence of large broods of both 13-and 17-y periodical cicadas, Homoptera: Cicadidae: Magicicada spp.
Indiana during an emergence of 17-year cicadas (Cicadidae; Magicicada spp.
One major camp has labeled one genus Magicicada, made up of six well-known species plus a newly discovered one.
Exuviae of the three Magicicada species can be accurately separated into two groups with M.
The insect event of the year in 2004 was the mass emergence of Brood X, the 17-year periodical cicada, Magicicada spp.
All three periodical cicada species, Magicicada septendecim, Magicicada cassini, and Magicicada septendecula emerged during the 2004 emergence.