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a monster that is unverifiable but popularly accepted as possibly factual

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The legendary unicorn is a magical creature whose single horn was believed to have powerful healing properties.
When Others, magical beings, mate with humans, twins are born--one human and one "redwing," a magical creature who "should" be drowned at birth.
The drama tells the story of a boy who discovers a magical creature living in the garage of his new family home.
30pm (2004) (U) A gang of children struggle to get used to life in the countryside when they're evacuated during World War One - but their problems are forgotten when they encounter a strange and magical creature.
The realistic tone shifts and a dwarfish creature magically appears with a suspiciously simple offer: the magical creature will provide a novel if Murdstone will search for an amulet hidden in this world.
He is a magical creature," the daily mail quoted her as saying.
It took 20kg of sugarpaste to cover the Madeira sponge to bring the magical creature to life.
There they find an ugly, gremlin-like character whom they christen simply It - a Sand Fairy, a magical creature who has the power to grant a wish a day.
However, on the other hand, I feel that the subject matter of the book is so relevant--depicting a creature so fascinating and yet quite possibly only known from recorded sources--that it would be a shame not to present it to younger readers who might otherwise assume that this is some sort of an unreal magical creature from fairy tales or, at best, reference books featuring dinosaurs etc.
The feature-length fantasy drama, about a boy who discovers a magical creature living in the garage at his new house, features a series of locations including Caerphilly Castle, Wenallt woods on Caerphilly mountain and Canada Lakes in Llantrisant.
Two childhood friends grow up to become fierce rivals as they compete to find a legendary magical creature.
Greenseer - These magical creature can predict the future and in nature is where are they are most powerful.
Echoed" begins in the small, fictional Afghan village of Shadbagh in 1952, where a poor man named Saboor tells his children Abdullah and Pari a story about a magical creature known as a div.
Skellig, which in 2007 was voted as one of the 10 most important children's novels of the past 70 years, is a fantasy about a boy called Michael who discovers a strange and magical creature living in the shed at his new house.