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the region of northwest Africa comprising the Atlas Mountains and the coastlands of Morocco and Algeria and Tunisia

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Speaking at the opening of the event, Tunisia's President Moncef Marzouki expressed hope that the Maghreban summit in Tunis next October 10, 2012 will lay the basis for a Maghreb where citizens have the freedom of movement, residence and labor and where they will be free to invest and enjoy their Maghreban citizenship.
Libyan officials said have taken the appropriate measures allowing the citizens of the Maghreb Union, visiting Libya for free.
The six countries of the Maghreb - Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Western Sahara, and Mauritania - comprise nearly one@third of the Arab World's population.
session of the Arab Maghreb Union (AMU) Interior Ministers' Council Monday in Tunis, he said the session discussed the security situation in AMU countries in a period marked by the upsurge of terrorist threat, organised crime, illegal migration, traffic in weapons and psychotropic substances.
Today, Internet penetration in urban Maghreb stands at 60 percent and as consumers increasingly adopt online habits it is highly important for them to connect from any location at any time.
Les politiques migratoires et la situation juridique des etrangers au Maghreb ainsi que la lutte contre le racisme et les discriminations au Maghreb feront aussi l'objet de cette rencontre.
The Maghreb capitals have always complained that the western countries like to follow bilateral policies with the different Maghreb countries with the aim of weakening their negotiation power.
Declinee cette annee sous la thematique generale [beaucoup moins que]Quels projets France Maghreb en 2013?
Several ad-hoc commissions will prepare a comprehensive survey to assess the feasibility of covering the many sensitive issues currently affecting the Maghreb region in the forthcoming summit.
This was announced by Libyan Foreign and Cooperation Minister Ashour bin Khayal, on the sidelines of the just-concluded 30th session of the Council of Arab Maghreb Foreign Ministers, held in Rabat.
Summary: Rabat - Morocco is the most stable country in the Maghreb which has been engulfed by a wave of protests, a study on the Maghreb published by the Association For International Affairs has said.
Summary: The Arab Maghreb Political parties and Organizations held their third conference in Tripoli on Tuesday.
MSN Unveils Maghreb PortalOnline news, entertainment and local content services will be tailored for one of world's highest youth markets
WHEN THE GULF CRISIS OCCURRED, the Maghreb was in a peculiar period.