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Portuguese navigator in the service of Spain

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3 million Magellan investors to think about getting out.
Magellan beamed down the puzzling data during experiments designed to measure atmospheric forces on the dying craft as it explored regions some 163 to 147 kilometers above Venus' surface.
This all-in-one device lives up to its name -- combining the superior performance of award-winning Magellan RoadMate vehicle navigation systems with the leading outdoor navigation technology that we've delivered for more than twenty years," said Christian Bubenheim, vice president of Magellan consumer product marketing.
I don't know what Magellan will look like,'' he said in an interview Thursday.
Planetary scientists expect Magellan to soon reveal new insights into Venus' internal structure and the geologic forces that have shaped its surface.
LAS VEGAS -- Magellan's partnership with four of the largest regional AAA clubs in the United States is continuing to gather momentum, Magellan said today.
This fall, federal budget cuts may prematurely end the Magellan spacecraft's highly successful effort to map the entire surface of Venus using radar.
LAS VEGAS -- Magellan, a leader in the consumer, survey, GIS and OEM GPS navigation and positioning markets, today launched NavCreator as part of the Magellan Solutions Development Kit (MSDK) family.
We probably have a better global map of Venus now than we have of Earth," says Magellan project scientist R.
LAS VEGAS -- Magellan([R]), creators of the Hertz([R]) NeverLost([R]) and a leading global innovator of outdoor and vehicle navigation solutions, debuts its Magellan TrafficKit[TM] to provide optional real-time traffic services for the Magellan RoadMate[TM] 2200T and CrossoverGPS[TM] at CES booth # 35832 South Hall the products.
But none offered the detailed resolution of the Magellan craft, which began mapping Venus last September and has so far surveyed 70 percent of the planet's surface.
Affordably priced at $49, the new CrossoverGPS upgrade option for the IPX-4 waterproof Magellan RoadMate 2200T portable vehicle navigation system adds topographic maps and GPS guidance tools to significantly extend the customer's flexibility of using the GPS for hiking, off-road excursions, boating and more.
have written emergency commands to send to Magellan if the signal problem recurs.
Magellan, a leader in the consumer, survey, GIS and OEM GPS navigation and positioning markets, today announced that Nelson Chan has joined the company as its chief executive officer.
weather satellites, NASA found its current showcase satellite, the Venus-orbiting Magellan, suddenly silenced on Aug.