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a member of the Sicilian Mafia

a member of the Mafia crime syndicate in the United States

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He blasted: "Those who in their lives follow this path of evil, as mafiosi do, are not in communion with God.
Dopo la morte del fratello nel novembre del 1991, Rita, a diciassette anni, invece di andare a scuola, si presento al Procuratore di Palermo per vendicare gli assassini del padre e del fratello, entrambi mafiosi.
Tunisians doubt that his designation was influenced by this relation, a push over that bitterly reminds them with the mafiosi ben Ali in laws and their assault of Tunisia s business and public affairs.
In the last sequence of the film Titta is lowered from a crane into a container of fresh concrete by the Mafiosi who attempt, in vain, to retrieve the suitcase.
Another is a convicted mafiosi who claims his brother was responsible for killing Meredith, who was found dead at the flat she shared with Knox in 2007.
In this part, the regulation of the affairs of the Mafiosi in different Mafia groups and the network systems among their members are explored.
Mr Blair was quoted as saying: "He's like something out of the mafiosi.
Firstly, he suggested to shape a public opinion that corrupted persons, drug mafiosi, terrorists and extremists are enemies of the Kyrgyz people and that people should scorn them.
The clout of a supermarket will have even the mafiosi a little bit scared and, by buddying up with the supermarkets, the GLA can at the very least be sure they are given greater access to senior management.
He interviews former student radicals, retired Mafiosi and ex-IRA members to find out how it became their weapon of choice.
The mafiosi recommended against the use of firearms to kill Castro, it said, and suggested "some type of potent pill that could be placed in Castro's food or drink.
P olice arrested 38 people, and announced they believed the track may have been run by the Camorra, the dreaded Neapolitan Mafia equivalent, the very mention of whose name makes all good Mafiosi cross themselves hastily, push away their heaped plates of spaghetti with clam sauce and mop their suddenly sodden brows with the creamy white napkins they've just tucked under their chins.
But the kingpins of Big Media--who feed us endless blow-by-blow "news" accounts of the investigations of Martha Stewart, Kobe Bryant, and Scott Peterson--for some reason suffer from chronic attention deficit disorder when it comes to PSI's investigation of the international mafiosi operating out of the UN headquarters on New York's East River.
Having botched a Kiev meeting with the Ukrainian Mob, New Jersey Mafiosi Settimo (Dan Hedaya) and Gino (Danny Nucci) need to lay low with their briefcase and its valuable contents for a while.
Since the collapse of the Communist regime in the early '90s, Albanians have been streaming into the country both legally and otherwise-even, in some cases, entering surreptiously on mafiosi motorboats.