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Synonyms for Mafia

a crime syndicate in the United States

any tightly knit group of trusted associates

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He pointed out that the board, according to the law, again and again endeavoured to auction the aforesaid property but powerful land mafia neither took part in the auction nor let others gave space to be a part of the same.
The probe showed how the mafia still permeates and subjugates (Sicily's) economy and entrepreneurs," Palermo chief prosecutor Francesco Lo Voi told the press conference.
The Mafia was born of a desperate need to protect the families of Sicily in the face of horrific oppression.
COSA N A NOSTRA (Sicily) A (Sicily) The original and most notorious Mafia gang, founded in the 19th century with strict rituals and codes.
None of the Mafia members scored over 30 in the researchers' test.
Among those who attended was Don Luigi Ciotti, a priest in Turin, whose mother Vivian Matrangola was shot by the Mafia in 1984.
He said that the mafia embezzled billions by misusing petroleum freight subsidy, it would fill a tanker from Sihala depot for GB, sell fuel at any filling station in the twin cities and charge fare for GB from the government.
After his death, his friends discovered that he had received several warnings from the Mafia, but had said nothing.
Drawing parallels, the official said that the Russian mafia could be operating in India in the same way that the Indian mafia could be operating in Pakistan.
Italy has long struggled against the ingrained influence of mafia organizations whose operations are estimated to constitute up to 10 percent of gross domestic product.
The surprise raid at night by a team led by the collector was undertaken following complaints that the sand mafia had been mining and smuggling sand from the Kadalundi river in collusion with some government officials.
With further massive influxes of southern Italians around the turn of the century, the Mafia took its hold on immigrant ghettoes of the major cities.
Federico Varese's highly entertaining and vividly described book, Mafias on the Move, analyzes the variables that determine the success or failure of a mafia group's transfer to a new location through several case studies.
It is because of these very reasons that the Kansas City Bear Mafia has made its first formally sanctioned event a prom.
But 49-year-old Denaro is also a coldblooded murderer whose ruthless streak has helped him rise to the very summit of the Italian Mafia.