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Italian pope from 1623 to 1644 who sanctioned the condemnation of Galileo but later freed him (1568-1644)


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The roots of Buonarroti's relationship with Maffeo Barberini (both born in 1568) can be traced back to their early childhood, spent in the same quarter of Santa Croce in Florence.
Michelangelo Buonarroti the Younger (1568-1647), a Florentine poet and grandnephew of the artist, developed a lifelong relationship with Maffeo Barberini (1568-1644), the future Pope Urban VIII, and with other powerful members of the Barberini family, including Maffeo's brothers Carlo and Giovan Donato, his nephews Francesco, Antonio, and Taddeo, and his nieces Camilla and Clarice.
24) Initially led by Andrea Sannini, its members consisted of noble Florentines, each with an academic pastoral name--similar to those found in Sannazzaro's Arcadia and later used by the Arcadian Academy in the late Seicento--including Buonarroti (Alfesibeo), Piero de' Bardi (Selvaggio), Lelio Giraldi (Opico), Jacopo Soldani (Tirsi), Averardo (Dafni), and Giovanni de' Medici (Silvio), together with Francesco Nori, Giovanni Altoviti, Marcello Adriani, and Maffeo Barberini, whose academic names are unknown.
Apart from visiting Maffeo Barberini and his brother Carlo, with whom Buonarroti was also on good terms, the poet was probably primarily occupied with transcribing his granduncle Michelangelo's poetry from copies in the Vatican Library in preparation for his forthcoming first edition, as well as with procuring works of art by Michelangelo and others that he intended to exhibit in the Casa Buonarroti in an aim to honor his famous ancestor with the construction and decoration of a galleria (carried out between 1612 and 1643).
The 1623 edition was eventually printed with one sonnet per page (together with other poetic forms in the volume) and, rather fittingly, was ultimately dedicated to Cardinal Maffeo Barberini.
Back in Florence following the Roman sojourn of 1610, Michelangelo the Younger heralded Galileo's arrival to the papal city in March 1611 by writing to Cardinal Maffeo Barberini, again acting in the capacity of broker-client, and enclosing the gift of a copy of Giusto de' Conti's poetry, entitled La bella mano, to be delivered in person by the scientist: "Signor Galileo Galilei's arrival there affords me the opportunity to pay reverence to Your Most Illustrious Lordship and to extend my best wishes for the approaching holidays.
2 (Michelangelo Buonarroti the Younger to Maffeo Barberini, Florence, 8 November 1608): "vengo a farle reverenza"; f.
2 (Michelangelo Buonarroti the Younger to Maffeo Barberini, Florence, 8 November 1608): "L'essersi la presente favola onorata de' nomi de' serenissimi sposi la rendera piu ardita di farsi innanzi a V.
14-15 (Michelangelo Buonarroti the Younger to Maffeo Barberini, Florence, 20 August 1614): "Non e dubbio nessuno che la epistola indiritta da me al Cavalier mio Fratello in morte dell'Ecc.
1 (Michelangelo Buonarroti the Younger to Maffeo Barberini, Florence, 24 May 1608): "Io vengo con la presente col dar le buone feste a V.
1 (Michelangelo Buonarroti the Younger to Maffeo Barberini, Florence, 24 May 1608): "Perche veggendovisi tutto l'ordine di Michelagnolo, si aspegnano tutte le commodita, e tutte le proporzioni, e ornamenti che si posson desiderare.
Marcello was a close friend and confidant of Maffeo Barberini, with whom he shared an appetite for literature and art, and so, when Maffeo became Pope Urban VIII in 1623, the Sacchetti family flourished.