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Synonyms for rattail

deep-sea fish with a large head and body and long tapering tail

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We thank NMFS personnel and fishery observers who took the time to collect and properly document the voucher specimens cited here; the captains and crews of fishing vessels (too numerous to name here, but cited throughout the text) who supported the fisheries surveys that made these collections possible; JR Hoff for confirming macrourid identifications; TW Pietsch and MS Love for reviewing an early version of the manuscript; and CW Mecklenburg for her helpful review and additions to the distributional information throughout the manuscript.
Food habits of deep-sea macrourid fishes off the Oregon coast.
1991; Weissburg and Zimmer-Faust, 1993), salmon and sharks (Johnsen, 1987), and deep water macrourid fish (Tamburri and Barry, 1999).
Biochemical characteristics of macrourid fishes differing in their depths of distribution.
Matrix ultrastructure of the squid light organ appears similar to that described in the light organs of the macrourid fish Caelorhincus (W.