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the branch of economics that studies the overall working of a national economy

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The BusinessMirror was also recognized as the Best Business News Source for topping 4 out of 9 award categories (Agribusiness, Energy, Macroeconomy and Special Features).
2) For more information about projected changes in the macroeconomy, see Kathryn Byun and Bradley Nicholson, "The U.
Our theoretical framework sheds light on a potential cause of the twin first-order problems facing China's macroeconomy today: (a) low consumption and income growth and (b) overcapacity of heavy industries with rising debt risks.
Although the Discussion Paper does not present policy conclusions, an implication of this work is that policymakers should consider the aggregate impact of regulatory and ICPF industry trends on financial stability and the macroeconomy, the Bank said.
At the same time, the affirmation of the C3 rating reflects Moody's view of the persistent risks that remain to Cyprus' public finances and their sustainability over the medium term as a result of significant uncertainties to the prospects for the macroeconomy and banking sector.
prospect may play a positive part when joining the CU, Minister for Main Directions of Integration and Macroeconomy of the Eurasian
Keywords: Latin America, income inequality, policy, macroeconomy
Qatar's sustained competitiveness-it has topped the rankings as the most competitive Arab economy for the last six years-is built on its strong institutional framework, stable macroeconomy, efficient goods market, and sophisticated business environment.
We do so because financialization influences the whole macroeconomy and plays a vital role.
Among his topics are economic systems for resource allocation, clients and contractors, markets for green buildings and infrastructure, managing the macroeconomy, and sustainable construction.
The government will make the effective management of the macroeconomy its first priority in order to successfully deal with internal and external risks, continue to help boost the economy, and pursue inclusive growth.
On the other side of the supply/demand coin, Moody's says that, more than most other insurance lines, workers' comp results are strongly tied to the macroeconomy.
Uncertainty about the state of the macroeconomy, coupled with ongoing inventory overhang, sent ripples through the semiconductor industry," said Steve Ohr, research director at Gartner.
The report, which covers the Philippines' Macroeconomy, Fixed Income Securities, Equity Markets and Economic Indicators, includes the following highlights: