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the branch of economics that studies the overall working of a national economy

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Directors noted that the key challenge ahead is to improve social and economic development, while strengthening the macroeconomic policy framework.
His central theme as he examines the political economy of macroeconomic policy making in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Peru is what lies behind the creation of political demand for institutional and fiscal, financial, and social security policy reform.
They discuss alternative approaches to macroeconomics and economy policy analysis, with sections on the development of heterodox economic theory and the role of money in macroeconomics, the relationship between distribution and aggregate demand, and macroeconomic policy issues examined from a broader heterodox perspective.
Chapters organized into four main sections discuss projections in detail and offer supporting statistics on: macroeconomic prospects for the world economy; the need for macroeconomic policy coordination; primary commodity prices (including non-oil commodities); world oil markets; financial flows to developing and transition economies; and region-specific development issues in developed, transitional, and developing economies, among other topics.
Fitch's upgrade of the Federative Republic of Brazil's ratings are a result of the country's on-going improvement in public and private external finances and a macroeconomic policy framework that has proved robust in the face of political and financial market pressures.
European (but one Australian) economists and political scientists discuss the Brussels-Frankfurt Consensus and the impact of macroeconomic policy especially on full employment, and analyze the interaction of macroeconomic policy with the welfare state, focusing on the implications for cohesion.
The rating actions reflect the ongoing improvement in Brazil's public and private external finances and a macroeconomic policy framework that has proved robust in the face of political and financial market pressures.
Written for a one-term issues course, this textbook describes the characteristics of a market economy system, overviews the role of macroeconomic policy, and examines the microeconomic aspects of agriculture, monopoly power, crime, pollution, and poverty.
A smooth transition to the next government and maintenance of prudent macroeconomic policy settings after the election would also be positive for creditworthiness.
The book was written for economists, academics, and students with an interest in central banking, econometric modeling, forecasting, and macroeconomic policy.
Fitch will monitor developments in macroeconomic policy in the wake of Palocci's stepping down and other potential changes in the economic team.
The Amherst College professors explain the complexities of comparative advantage, trade barriers, foreign exchange markets, balance-of-payment accounts, and macroeconomic policy.
In Fitch's opinion, establishing a consistent track record on appropriate monetary policy actions to meet the central bank's stated inflation target, including in the run-up to the presidential elections, would further enhance the credibility of the macroeconomic policy framework.
com) is the leading provider of geopolitical and macroeconomic policy information serving a client base comprised of leading banks, asset managers, and hedge funds.