business cycle

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recurring fluctuations in economic activity consisting of recession and recovery and growth and decline


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Although productivity cycles typically corresponded fairly closely to expansion and contraction phases of macroeconomic cycles, no exogenous information was used in dating cycles.
China's current leadership appears to have failed to understand the lessons of China's last macroeconomic cycle and appeared to believe that they could use unprecedented monetary expansion to achieve their pro-growth agenda.
MOEA officials indicated that affected by macroeconomic cycles and global market fluctuations, Taiwan's photovoltaic and LED industries have been fretted by excessive supply, and therefore the government decides to assist insiders in the lines to transform and vertically integrate their operations.
They present a slew of recommendation options for reform and regulation to promote and ensure financial stability in terms of macroeconomic cycles and short term measures.
Are macroeconomic cycles themselves or default risk premia, market liquidity, and even market risk significant determinants of yield spreads?