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plant growing in the sea, especially marine algae

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The filtered POM and powdered mussels, benthic microalgae, and macroalgae were packed in tin capsules and subsequently compressed at 50 kg [cm.
The MARINER projects are aimed at developing tools to address the technological challenges to growing and harvesting macroalgae efficiently and cost-effectively for use as a feedstock for biofuels and other bioproducts.
Macroalgae of all samples were taxonomically identified to species or genera level.
Macroalgae exist in the archipelago, and the most exhaustive (and available) investigations of Galapagos macroalgae have been taxonomic in nature (reviewed by Garske, 2002).
Also, macroalgae can be manipulated as efficient bioindicators of heavy metal pollution in sea water [4], because of their high capacity to bind heavy metals, and hence to concentrate them to several orders of magnitude higher than the ambient water [3 and 5].
Photosynthetic activity estimated as in vivochlorophyll afluorescence in calcareous red macroalgae.
pinnatifida could actually be considered an asset in areas that are otherwise completely devoid of macroalgae, as is the case within urchin barren habitats.
This is due largely to the ability of macroalgae to achieve high biomass and have a significant potential as nutrient bioremediators (Msuya and Neori, 2002; Tyler and McGlathery, 2006; Marinho-Soriano et al.
Nevertheless, all these studies have specifically demonstrated critical roles of predation on invertebrate prey and macroalgae that would not have been revealed if only two trophic levels had been included into the experimental design.
Renganathan, Production of Algal Biodiesel from Marine Macroalgae Enteromorpha compressa by Two Step Process: Optimization and Kinetic Study, Bioresour.
The Iranian researcher also said Persian Gulf waters are rich in terms of macroalgae resources, especially brown macroalgae that can prevent cancer.
Larval recruitment rates are lower in areas with abundant macroalgae (Edmunds and Carpenter, 2001) due to allelopathic compounds produced by macroalgae (Kuffner and Paul, 2004; Birrell et al.
Reef degradation is a consequence of reduction in coral cover and coral recruitment, as well as an increase in substrate colonization by macroalgae and cyanobacteria (River & Edmunds 2001, Kuffner & Paul 2004, Kuffner et al.
Evaluation of ecological quality of Albanian rocky shore waters using macroalgae as bioindicators", Applied Technologies and Innovations, Vol.
We looked for and collected vascular plants, macroalgae, Chara and Cladophora, and the aquatic bryophyte, Amblystegium riparium, following standard methods used in the 1960s surveys.