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the branch of economics that studies the overall working of a national economy

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Despite some of the improving macro economic indicators as claimed by government people are faced with escalating cost of living as such as low and lower middle income population continue to be in a miserable situation what to speak of getting economic happiness.
Benefits that can be reaped by deploying PS-MPay reflect on a wide slice of the community, embracing the macro economics of the country, the Mobile Payment Service Provider, MNOs, financial institutions and end consumers, which include individuals, merchants and corporations.
We are pleased that Minggao is returning to Citi and will take on an enlarged portfolio covering macro economics research with primary focus on mainland China as well as working closely with our local teams in Hong Kong and Taiwan,' said Johanna Chua, chief economist for Citi Asia Pacific.
The conference will highlight the need for high end consultancy for the mirco and macro economics of the gulf region," he added.
This conference can only serve to increase international investors' understanding of the country's macro economics, as well as give an insight into the fundamentals of the Kingdom's leading companies.
However, if he againmentions the efficacy in macro economics, he's likely to have his two pound change shoved down his throat when he next coughs up for a round.
Today's architects not only advise their clients through the design and construction process of building, they also advise them on how legal, accounting, banking and micro and macro economics play a role in the building process.