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Scottish physiologist who directed the research by F

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The staff on average is very young, so there are a lot of people-based concerns MacLeod and the rest of the management team have to keep on top of.
MacLeod and his team studied rocks in the North Atlantic and discovered that, while the Earth was cooling elsewhere, the ocean was getting warmer.
We expect the cost to go to about $112 per metric ton by 2010," says MacLeod.
We've found no strong evidence that use of [marijuana] in itself has important consequences for psychological or social health, but we cannot exclude the possibility that such a relation exists," Macleod says.
These questions are addressed by Women Performing Music by Beth Abelson Macleod and Musical Women in England 1870-1914 by Paula Gillett, thus making them significant additions to the literature on women's history, musicology, Victorian studies and gender studies.
To help prepare for the battles of the next quarter century, MacLeod has announced a challenge grant -- a generous supporter has agreed to match (up to $30,000) contributions of $1,000 or more received before July 4th.
Quote: ``When you play a gig, you see the reaction right away,'' MacLeod says.
If the traditional utopian uses fiction to express his firmest views, MacLeod seems to be working out ideas as he writes.
MacLeod will play an active role in developing new business relationships, as well as overseeing current correspondent lending relationships.
BRENTFORD have won the race to land Scottish starlet Lewis MacLeod in a PS1.
Transfer of 6,000 Ordinary Shares from Mr R J MacLeod to Mrs S
CALUM MacLEOD hit a century as Scotland stepped-up their World Cup qualifying bid with victory over UAE.
WHEN Victorian vicar Roderick MacLeod was not working hard to save his parishioners' souls, he was enthusiastically capturing their lives on camera.
Intersil Corporation today named Donald Macleod to its Board of Directors.
over various entities associated with Arthur Nadel's Ponzi scheme, announced today that he has reached a settlement with Holland & Knight LLP ("H&K") and Scott MacLeod ("MacLeod").