Mackenzie River

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a Canadian river


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Water temperature projections based on modeled future changes in air temperature and discharge suggest a moderate increase in water temperature in the Yukon and Mackenzie River basins (van Vliet et al, 2011).
North of Athabasca: Slave Lake and Mackenzie River Documents of the North West Company, 1800-1821.
Others are ongoing, such as the community-based monitoring component of the MacKenzie River Basin Initiative in Northwest Territories.
Through the 1920s and 1930s, Innis made a series of summer voyages to the Mackenzie River, Yukon Territory, northern Manitoba, and Labrador.
Development of gas production fields north of Inuvik in Mackenzie River Delta of the Northwest Territories in Canada (Fig.
A research team led by Son Nghiem of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, used satellite data to examine sea ice extent in the Beaufort Sea from 1979 to 2012 and compared it to reports of discharge into the sea from the Mackenzie River.
In 1962 the Molsons had met Tetso and his family while on a trip down the Mackenzie River.
As a result, a skin-covered kayak from the Inuvialuit of the Mackenzie River Delta also became part of the museum's collection.
The bridge, spanning the Mackenzie River, now provides all-weather road access to the Northwest Territories.
The Deh Cho Bridge is the first bridge ever built over the Mackenzie River, Canada's longest river.
Now University of Massachusetts Amherst geoscientist Alan Condron, with Peter Winsor at the University of Alaska, using new, high-resolution global ocean circulation models, report the first conclusive evidence that this flood must have flowed north into the Arctic first down the Mackenzie River valley.
The government of the Northwest Territories is building a bridge at the Mackenzie River, which will bring great improvements to the transport here," said William E.
Migration patterns of freshwater and anadromous Inconnu in the Mackenzie River system.
Application of CCME Water quality Index to Monitor Water Quality: A case of the Mackenzie River basin Canada.
Among the many achievements in his life, in 1888 Lowther would astound all expectations by battling through extreme weather conditions in boats and sleighs to reach the Arctic Circle, before continuing his travels along 6,000 km of the Mackenzie River and northern Alaska.
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