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a Canadian river


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The Mackenzie River is an important part of the lives of Canada's aboriginal people, and the community is pleased with the bridge's symmetry, simplicity, defined proportions and other aesthetic characteristics.
He raised his family trapping and hunting in the region of the Mackenzie River about twenty-three miles north of Fort Simpson.
It is not always easy to attribute a beadwork style to a particular ethnic group, but there are five major Northern Athapaskan regional styles in the Northwest [Duncan 1989], and the beadwork decoration on this unusual camera case, obviously belongs to the Great Slave Lake / Mackenzie River style.
Migration patterns of freshwater and anadromous Inconnu in the Mackenzie River system.
Application of CCME Water quality Index to Monitor Water Quality: A case of the Mackenzie River basin Canada.
Among the many achievements in his life, in 1888 Lowther would astound all expectations by battling through extreme weather conditions in boats and sleighs to reach the Arctic Circle, before continuing his travels along 6,000 km of the Mackenzie River and northern Alaska.
Mid-continent whitefronts nest from Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta and Point Barrow in central and northern Alaska, across the Old Crow Flats and Lower Mackenzie River to the shores of the Bering Sea and on to the east in some of the most remote landscapes in the New World--Coronation Gulf, Victoria Island, the drainage of the Back River and Chesterfield Inlet on the northwestern edge of Hudson Bay.
There are a number of situations in Canada, (for example) particularly right now around the Mackenzie River where the Dehcho Dene are.
Meanwhile, work is continuing at Mackenzie River with additional drilling planned to be completed by the first quarter of 2011 to enable the commencement of a conceptual mining study at that promising Bowen Basin coking coal project.
The healing walk was an alternative form of protest for the Keepers of the Athabasca, part of the Keepers of the Water, an alliance formed in 2006 in response to increased turbidity and toxicity in the northern Mackenzie River basin.
Locations of known petroleum accumulations and the Trans Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) are shown, as well as summaries of known petroleum volumes in northern Alaska and the Mackenzie River delta of Canada.
It included the lower portions of the Mackenzie River Valley to the north and east, the Liard River Valley to the south, and the Mackenzie Mountains to the west.
9 Bcf/d of gas 750 miles along the Mackenzie River Valley to Alberta, where it would link with lines serving Canadian and U.
The longest river in Canada is the Mackenzie River.
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