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a follower of Machiavelli's principles

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In Washington and maybe in life, there are many more Kind Machiavellians than Selfish ones.
We hypothesized that high--versus low-scoring Machiavellians would be more likely to engage in deceptive mate attraction strategies.
Although Machiavellians disregard ethical behavior and believe "ends justify the means", they flourish in situations that are less structured.
For Rahe, the modern, Machiavellian form of republicanism is deeply incompatible with dogmatic Christianity, which means that intelligent proponents of the Machiavellian republic must have understood that Christianity would have to be destroyed in order for a successful modern republic to emerge.
Indeed, his stock appear to improve with age, something which Machiavellian certainly didn't.
The results reveal that age is inversely related to Machiavellianism, that there are significant differences between males' and females' perceptions of Machiavellianism, and that less educated people are more Machiavellian than better-educated people.
By seeking a republic that hides under the form of a monarchy, he is not alone among our English Machiavellians in the adumbrations of that awkward political phenomenon soon to be noted by Montesquieu in his view of the English political scene.
Their findings indicate that individuals identified as high Machiavellians have less ethical behavior than other study participants.
Later in the book, Hitler, Stalin and Mao are also taken to be Machiavellians.
In stratum V patterns are introduced to distinguish specific behavioral tactics among Machiavellians (3).
The implication for management is to make it in the best interest of the Machiavellians to behave ethically.
We have never really known quite what to expect of the Machiavellians.
For example researchers have found that successful female retail executives were high Machiavellians but not their male counterparts.
Medicean has long appealed as the likeliest of the Machiavellians to make a lasting mark.
Street Cry is the second World Cup winner to be sired by Machiavellian, following Almutawakel in 1999.