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a large heavy knife used in Central and South America as a weapon or for cutting vegetation


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Surprisingly, the garbage can got the better of the machete.
He said: "I was inside with three friends when five guys came in waving large machetes.
When John, who was subject to a 12-week suspended prison sentence at the time for driving while disqualified, was arrested he said he had the machetes for cutting back brambles.
Elyassi and Abedi denied transporting the machetes to Victoria Road in the BMW.
But an accomplice hit him in the eye with a machete and he ran to safety as the raiders, two lookouts and a getaway driver, fled the Grand Hyatt Hotel.
Louis Welch was allegedly attacked by the gang wielding machetes and other weapons at a harness racing event in Appleby, Cumbria.
The machetes were about 18in long, they were identical with massive shiny blades.
most countries, their parents are poor, their parents have jobs, staged the same, using machetes, went down, went up, working in mines
Roaming bands of youths fired sling shots, threw rocks, and hacked into rivals with machetes.
Here Africans are not slaughtered by other Africans with machetes or ham radios but by an AIDS pandemic that devastates generations and societies.
In such examples, the authors observe that using machetes in the maintenance of suburban homes not only subverts unspoken rules about women and technology, but also reveals a gendering process that intersects with class and race/ethnicity, as well as those power relations that distinguish 'third world' from 'first world' environments.
Boston area police worry that machetes have become the weapons of choice among Hispanic gang members.
The mass brawl featured machetes and a range of other vicious blades, including cleavers.
One man was left needing surgery after being hacked with a machete and gang members left a deadly arsenal of machetes and knives as they fled.
Jealousy flared between the men, and machetes were drawn as threats.