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a large heavy knife used in Central and South America as a weapon or for cutting vegetation


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Spokesman Mike McCusker said doctors described gory scenes and harrowing accounts after gunmen ambushed a convoy of refugees, firing a rocket grenade to halt the vehicles and then attacking with firearms and machetes.
Elyassi and Abedi denied transporting the machetes to Victoria Road in the BMW.
He said the Christians had fired shots first but had mostly used machetes to attack the group.
But an accomplice hit him in the eye with a machete and he ran to safety as the raiders, two lookouts and a getaway driver, fled the Grand Hyatt Hotel.
Louis Welch was allegedly attacked by the gang wielding machetes and other weapons at a harness racing event in Appleby, Cumbria.
The vandals used a hand saw to destroy fencing and the railings of a footbridge in the latest attack, but the beauty spot has also been targeted with chainsaws and machetes as yobs hacked down trees, signs and fencing.
The machetes were about 18in long, they were identical with massive shiny blades.
most countries, their parents are poor, their parents have jobs, staged the same, using machetes, went down, went up, working in mines
Youths battled with machetes on the streets of East Timor's capital Dili yesterday and fresh arson and looting broke out, as more foreign troops arrived to bolster a force struggling to stop days of unrest that have destabilised the country.
Here Africans are not slaughtered by other Africans with machetes or ham radios but by an AIDS pandemic that devastates generations and societies.
Boston area police worry that machetes have become the weapons of choice among Hispanic gang members.
Thieves armed with machetes stormed a honeymoon on a tropical island and stole thousands of pounds worth of wedding gifts.
From what we know, three masked men with machetes and an axe broke in through the bathroom window and two of them went to the two bedrooms and tied everyone up.
The mass brawl featured machetes and a range of other vicious blades, including cleavers.
One man was left needing surgery after being hacked with a machete and gang members left a deadly arsenal of machetes and knives as they fled.