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a large heavy knife used in Central and South America as a weapon or for cutting vegetation


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Hillary merely took up the work of bushwhacking a path originally macheted by a woman now almost entirely forgotten.
This week my friend's dad, a pensioner, had his door kicked in and was macheted.
This has to be one of the most savage wars in a hundred years--just the enormity of the physical violence, a million people macheted to death," George says.
Countless references were made to his regret at not acting sooner to stop the genocide in Rwanda, in which 750,000 innocent people were macheted to death.
The four, plus two New Zealanders and two Americans, were seized by Hutu militia in Bwindi National Park and bludgeoned or macheted to death.
Truckloads of Haitians are rounded up, hurled from cliffs into the sea, shot by civilians, macheted.
On her recent visit, Bilinda found the six-year-old daughter of her closest colleague at the hospital, a social worker, who had been macheted to death.
They shot another one, macheted him and left him in the pool of his blood but luckily he did not die.
MANY have been cluckclucking about tribalism over the last week, and it's undeniably true that watching a man being macheted to death because he's on the wrong political side is ugly indeed, but what is nationalism except tribalism by another name?
Recalling that incident, she said today: "I had arrested someone in Hillfields who had macheted a person around the head.
He said their injuries suggested they had been macheted to death rather than shot in the crossfire of a rescue attempt.