Mach number

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the ratio of the speed of a moving body to the speed of sound

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Note that varying Mach number is equivalent to simulating the crossing event at different radial locations, for the same rotor RPM.
Then the spatial variation of velocity, vorticity, shock, Mach number, species concentration, and temperature are presented and discussed in depth.
This study involves the comparison of scramjet inlet performances, which is specifically designed for the Mach number of 10, under different flight regimes.
The resulting flight data allowed them to plot actual Cd versus Mach number charts instead of correlating limited velocity data with conventional ballistics charts to establish precise BC values.
The cruise Mach number constraint is imposed via the following equation:
The indicated airspeed for a given Mach number gets higher as you descend, so the idea is to descend maintaining your desired Mach speed until you reach 280 knots, then simply maintain 280 knots.
Interestingly, the book has a tabulation of flight times at each Mach number obtained.
However, performance studies done by FRDC engineer Bob Abernethy showed that for a J58 application requiring continuous high Mach number afterburner operation, ducting compressor bleed air directly into the afterburner not only eliminated the stall margin limits, but it also provided better engine performance.
9) in order to achieve a relatively high Mach number.
Everything was in knots, nautical miles and Mach number.
In a jet with fixed exit flow conditions, reduction of the Mach number entails controlling convective velocity and controlling the medium surrounding the instability wave.
If the physical model of plasma sheath, including input conditions such as hypersonic vehicles configuration, Mach number, angle of attack, background pressure, background temperature, and flowfield model, is given, the electron density and collision frequency can be obtained by computational simulation with CFD software Fluent.