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a native or inhabitant of Macedon

the Slavic language of modern Macedonia

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Macedonia's Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki has thus refuted a propaganda piece published in August 2011 by Macedonian newspaper Dnevnik stating that some 750A 000 "ethnic Macedonians" are living in Bulgaria, according to figures provided from the Foreign Ministry in Skopje.
The first class in the school for Macedonian language in London, first of its kind in the United Kingdom, was held in early February.
On the other hand, Semi Mehmeti said that all of this is evidence that Macedonians and Serbs are one, in all aspects.
Macedonians in Australia were particularly active because they gathered in large numbers in all the major cities on the continent.
Whenever you need the Albanians votes, you create a Greater Albania and whenever you need the Macedonian votes you swear to the Macedonians.
Rostov argues effectively that Macedonians ignored and even denied their Greek and Bulgarian pasts, while the latter have sought to deny the existence of a modern ethnic Macedonian nation.
Macedonian media cite as evidence for such claims statements by the so called ethnic Macedonian party "OMO Ilinden-Pirin", whose members according to publications in the Bulgarian media are paid from Skopje and Belgrade to declare themselves as "Macedonians.
With a national population of just over two million, there is expected to be few Macedonians in attendance for the clash with Stuart Pearce's men.
The book, written by Spiridon Cvetac and published by the Greek Society for Macedonian Studies and the Bulgarian State Archive, was "an expression of Nazi and racist politics of certain circles in Sofia and Athens against Macedonia and the Macedonians, which destabilizes the whole of Southeast Europe," Macedonian television Alsat-M quoted the WMC as saying.
We must find a way to live side by side as brothers--Greeks, Macedonians, and Persians.
The Macedonians have been alarmed by a flood of about 130,000 ethnic Albanian refugees who have been pushed out of Kosovo by the security forces of President Slobodan Milosevic of Yugoslavia.
Macedonia and the Macedonians shows how, during the long struggle for Macedonia, as some ethnic Macedonians adopted or had to adopt the national identity of one of the competing nations, most chose a Macedonian identity--and how Macedonia's struggle to establish a distinct national identity goes on even today.
The all-Macedonian protest is supported by the World Macedonian Congress, the SUM (All for Unitary Macedonia) Movement, the Federation of Associations of Macedonians from the Aegean Part of Macedonia MAKEDON, the Alliance of Macedonians Professing Islam, the Macedonian Manifesto, the association of defenders and the Macedonian patriotic associations.