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a native or inhabitant of Macedon

the Slavic language of modern Macedonia

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The Macedonian language is still being denied by many who, trying to erase it or rename it, exert a kind of symbolic oppression against the Macedonian identity, said Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov in his address delivered on the occasion of the opening of the Summer School of the 48th International Seminar on the Macedonian Language, Literature and Culture in Ohrid over the weekend.
However, representatives of the associations of Macedonians in Turkey told Macedonian media that they would also demand that citizenship is granted not based on the country they came from but based on their ethnicity as it was until 1993.
Rostov argues effectively that Macedonians ignored and even denied their Greek and Bulgarian pasts, while the latter have sought to deny the existence of a modern ethnic Macedonian nation.
Macedonian media cite as evidence for such claims statements by the so called ethnic Macedonian party "OMO Ilinden-Pirin", whose members according to publications in the Bulgarian media are paid from Skopje and Belgrade to declare themselves as "Macedonians.
Edmond Temelko, the mayor of Pustec, contends that Macedonians of Mala Prespa, Albania, are not much concerned about voting in the Macedonian elections.
With a national population of just over two million, there is expected to be few Macedonians in attendance for the clash with Stuart Pearce's men.
The book, written by Spiridon Cvetac and published by the Greek Society for Macedonian Studies and the Bulgarian State Archive, was "an expression of Nazi and racist politics of certain circles in Sofia and Athens against Macedonia and the Macedonians, which destabilizes the whole of Southeast Europe," Macedonian television Alsat-M quoted the WMC as saying.
We must find a way to live side by side as brothers--Greeks, Macedonians, and Persians.
The Macedonians have been alarmed by a flood of about 130,000 ethnic Albanian refugees who have been pushed out of Kosovo by the security forces of President Slobodan Milosevic of Yugoslavia.
Macedonia and the Macedonians shows how, during the long struggle for Macedonia, as some ethnic Macedonians adopted or had to adopt the national identity of one of the competing nations, most chose a Macedonian identity--and how Macedonia's struggle to establish a distinct national identity goes on even today.
Macedonians from Turkey who are said to be Muslims, similarly as the Macedonians from Albania, will ask for a Macedonian citizenship.
On the occasion of the latest incident with the video showing Greek soldiers on Cyprus calling insulting cadences about Macedonians, Albanians and Turks and how they would "suck their blood", the Head of the Greek Liaison Office in Skopje, Theocharis Lalakos, was summoned to the Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday afternoon to be handed a note of protest.
Many of the people that are important and dear to me are either Macedonians or Macedonian language scholars.