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United States satirical novelist and literary critic (1912-1989)

United States politician who unscrupulously accused many citizens of being Communists (1908-1957)

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MacCarthy was a member of the Massachusetts Bar Association and was named president of the Worcester County Bar Association in 1974.
MacCarthy added that "while the temporary tariffs may have helped the steel industry adjust to new competitive conditions, they also have harmed steel consuming industries, including motor vehicles manufacturers and their suppliers by artificially constraining supply and contributing to higher domestic prices.
MacCarthy, who works in the commercial litigation department of Leamington law firm Wright Hassall, came second out of the Brits for her disability grade at the final Paralympic qualification event.
Miss MacCarthy, who has a degree in Equine Science from Moreton Morrell College, near Warwick, and did her legal training at the College of Law in Birmingham, said: "I am fortunate to be able to combine a love of horses with my passion for the law.
Nissan believes the NLEV Program is a cleaner, smarter and cheaper pollution control program for new motor vehicles," said Timothy MacCarthy, Nissan Vice President for Government Affairs.
Clearly, Kentuckians expect to find free wi-fi locations wherever they go," said Ryan MacCarthy, AnchorFree's Director of Web Products & Community.
Waterford stand between Tipp and another Munster title but should the Premier make it to September it will be the fifth time in seven seasons that the 'big two' will clash for the Liam MacCarthy (above).
To see Mark Landers with the MacCarthy Cup was a real boost for everyone but honestly, it doesn't mean too much to us.
CONTACT: Dwayne Ashley of 100 Black Men of America, 404-892-5534; or Katie MacCarthy of NIKE Public Relations, 503-671-5839/
While our station has always had what we consider strong fundraising and marketing programs, we realize that an opportunity still existed to improve our use of the Internet to better serve our supporters and increase our membership support," said Roberta MacCarthy, Senior Director of Marketing and Development, WGBH.
Revered as one of the greatest hurlers of all time, Doyle won six All-Irelands on what is considered to be Tipperary's best ever side between 1958 and 1971, lifting the Liam MacCarthy Cup as captain in 1962 and '65.
MacCarthy, who headed the practice for several years before moving to an in-house position.
The Kingdom turned the corner on back to back decider defeats to secure Liam MacCarthy Cup hurling for 2016.
CONTACT: Katie MacCarthy of NIKE Public Relations, 503-671-5839.