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long-tailed brilliantly colored parrot of Central America and South America

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Eosinophil values were higher than the means reported in several captive or free-living psittacine birds, (16,19,20,27) but similar to values found in subadult and young macaws (Ara species).
Rio 2 casts hit machine Bruno Mars as Roberto, a macaw who serenades Jewel through the film.
By Bonnie James/Deputy News Editor Pioneering efforts by Qatar's Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation to conserve the extinct-in-the-wild Spix's macaw have achieved a key milestone with the world's first artificial insemination in the parrot species native to Brazil, under a partnership with a German firm.
Macaws can live 50 to 75 years and often outlive their owners.
On various occasions over several decades, including 11 February 2000, one or more of the authors visited isla San Pedro Nolasco and there was no indication of military macaws or any other psitacine on the island.
The macaws could be sent to zoos but these are already overcrowded, according to the veterinarian, who says Brazil should pass legislation to make animal adoption easier.
The smuggled macaws were discovered following a raid last month and are now being kept at Nagoya's Higashiyama Zoo, they said.
Currently, there are 44 Spix macaws worldwide that were smuggled out of Brazil by traffickers or born in captivity.
Neoplasms that have been reported in hyacinth macaws are bronchogenic adenocarcinoma with spinal invasion, (6) hepatic adenocarcinoma, (7) erythroblastosis of the spleen, (7) subcutaneous myelolipoma, (8) and cloacal papilloma.
Its story is a sad one, typical of the fate of so many parrots and macaws which have suffered from trapping for the exotic pet trade.
Military Macaws (Ara militaris) occur in Mexico and northern South America (Forshaw 1989).
Scarlet macaws originate from South America and are part of the parrot family, which boasts 328 species, ranging in size from the budgerigar to the large macaw.
The ultimate aim is to manage the population of Spix's Macaws in captivity so as to conserve the species and reintroduce it to its original habitat in northeast Brazil.
Also performing will be the likes of the Real Macaws, Vintage Jazzmen, Dhol Academy, one of the top Asian bhangra groups, and the 10th Avenue Band, a group