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long-tailed brilliantly colored parrot of Central America and South America

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He said the zoo left no stone unturned in treatment of two macaws but they could not survive.
Gross postmortem examination of the macaw revealed a nodular and firm liver (Fig 3) with an increased reticular pattern and numerous adhesions to the proventriculus and ventriculus.
Powerful beaks let macaws crack open nuts and seeds.
Rio 2 casts hit machine Bruno Mars as Roberto, a macaw who serenades Jewel through the film.
He said,"The price of a macaw depends on its mimicking skill.
By Bonnie James/Deputy News Editor Pioneering efforts by Qatar's Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation to conserve the extinct-in-the-wild Spix's macaw have achieved a key milestone with the world's first artificial insemination in the parrot species native to Brazil, under a partnership with a German firm.
There are 23 species of macaws, and some of these have already become extinct while others are endangered.
In Sonora, military macaws occur mainly in riparian habitats of the Rio Bavispe-Yaqui, Riio Mayo, and Riio Cuchujaqui (a tributary of the Riio Fuerte) and have been observed in these three watersheds during March-August.
Brazil: Blue-and-yellow macaws from Amazonia, green parrots, monkeys, turtles, anacondas and pumas: wild animal trafficking is a very lucrative business that spares no species in Brazil, including those facing extinction.
Two hand raised macaws located in Madinah needed a home as their owner was being transferred to Dubai and he couldn't take them along.
With the help of Nicaraguan citizen conservationists and local farmers, they have recorded more than 1,500 observations of macaws for their database.
A PAIR of macaws, believed to have been stolen from Orissa's famous Nandankanan Zoo, has added to the troubles of Gurgaon's Western Circus.
During a combination of private guided and shared shore excursions, travelers can discover scarlet macaws, rare blue morpho butterflies, monkeys, sloths, marmosets, ocelots, macaws, motmots, anteaters, turtles and dolphins.
Her greatest fight happened when the local government wanted to build a damn that would flood the nesting ground of the only scarlet macaws in Belize.