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In view of the need to develop new technologies for the macaw palm to become commercially profitable to agricultural producers, we must invest in the development of harvesting methods and machines for subsequent harvesting and processing of the fruit.
Rachillas are a component of the macaw palm fruit cluster; though under studied, they are of fundamental importance for mechanization projects using the principle of vibration to harvest or detach fruit from the clusters.
In view of the fact that studies on coffee showed that the mechanical and geometrical properties of the fruit-stalk system influence its dynamic behavior, it was expected that the geometric variation of the fruit and rachillas would also directly influence the dynamic behavior of the macaw palm fruit-rachilla system.
Thus, the sharp reduction in the cell cohesion force of the pulp of macaw palm fruits close to physiological maturation may have been the factor responsible for the characterization of two different maturation stages, based on the values of firmness, before and after the 52nd WAF.
In the senescence of the fruits after physiological maturation (Figure 3A), there was a sharp reduction in the values of firmness from the fourth day on, demonstrating that determinant alteration in the quality of macaw palm fruits may occur in a more severe way, from this period on.
This study was performed using ripe fruits of macaw palm that were hand harvested in December 2009 in the county of Montes Claros de Goias, Goias State, located at -16[degrees]06'20" latitude, -51[degrees]17'11" longitude and 459 meters above sea level (Figure 1A).
There is no available information in the literature regarding the physiological behavior of macaw palm when subjected to critical levels of moisture (PIVETTA et al.
Overcoming dormancy in macaw palm diaspores, a tropical species with potential for use as bio-fuel.
The behavior of macaw palm (Acrocomia aculeata) seeds during storage.
The determination of biometric characteristics of macaw palm fruits, such as weight, volume, diameter, surface area and thickness, is important in the process of evaluation and selection of fruits (Manfio et al.
The maturation stage of macaw palm fruits is directly related to the amount of oil obtained from the fruit, which in turn is associated with physical aspects, such as weight and volume (Mota et al.
2011) reported that immersing macaw palm seeds in 2000 mg [L.
The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of the application of phytoregulators, the removal of the opercular tegument and the association between these treatments on macaw palm seed germination.
Despite its manifold uses, the cultivation of macaw palm has been unattractive to growers, as is the case with tucuma (A.
Therefore, the aim of this study was to evaluate the water content in macaw palm fruits and seeds subjected to different periods of drying and imbibition.