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English historian noted for his history of England (1800-1859)

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MacAulay has been a regular at the Edinburgh Fringe and, with many tours under his belt, people around the UK and abroad will likely be familiar with his humour.
Minister MacAulay also witnessed important signing ceremonies between Canadian company Genesus and Chinese companies Aonong, TQLS, Wens and Wufang while in Guangzhou, worth an industry-estimated $7.
Los Angeles: Model-actor Paris Jackson paid an emotional tribute to godfather Macaulay Culkin on his 37th birthday.
com/where-macaulay-culkin-now-actor-star-seth-greens-film-changeland-2555881) Where Is Macaulay Culkin Now?
And MacAulay is certainly a master of the ad lib and the instant witticism, a result of his years of experience on the live comedy circuit including a stint as the first Scottish compere at the Comedy Store in London - a club famed for its heckling and giving unentertaining performers short shrift.
FORMER child star Macaulay Culkin says he is "essentially retired" and walks the streets at 2am so nobody sees him.
But then there is Thomas Babington Macaulay (1800-1859), who observed watchful silence until the age of four, and then replied to a lady who clucked and fussed over him when he was scalded by spilled coffee, "Thank you, madam, the agony has abated somewhat.
MacAulay was a pro-lifer in the past and the Liberal representative of Cardigan, PEI, for twenty-six years.
In this book, the author offers an engaging and well-researched portrait of the Macaulays--Zachary Macaulay [1768-1838], who served as a colonial governor and became an abolitionist, and Thomas Babington Macaulay [1800-1859], who was a politician but is most remembered as a leading "Whig" historian--and situates their significant, but quite different, lives into the context of British empire building.
MacAulay, 81, passed away on Friday, June 6, at Mass General Hospital, in Boston, after an illness.
HOME Alone's Macaulay Culkin has ended his rock band Pizza Underground's tour of the UK after abuse and heckling at gigs.
After a rigorous audition, Macaulay, who is studying a HNC in Performing Art, was selected to have a speaking role in the advert which has now been viewed on the Youtube Internet video website around a staggering 50 million times.
we worry b Should about Macaulay Culkin looking so skinny amid rumours of addiction?