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a former Portuguese province on the south coast of China and two islands in the South China Sea


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Constantine has already insisted that his side, who have been unbeaten in their last 10 matches, are not going to take Macau lightly would work harder in order to make it to the main event.
Mrs Lam and Mr Chui introduced to each other the latest situations in Hong Kong and Macau in different areas including the economy, education, innovation and technology, as well as culture and creative industries.
Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Co (BHSI) has received a license to provide insurance and reinsurance in Macau.
An overview of the insurance regulatory framework in Macau.
2015 was another year of important milestones and considerable progress for GEG, despite widely reported macro headwinds continuing to impact the entire industry, dampening both customer spending and visitation to Macau.
The United States provides no foreign assistance to Macau.
Historical accounts have it that this holiday was established to mark the universality of the transition of Macau from being a colony of Portugal to becoming a special administrative division of the People's Republic of China.
B) Ltd, China Life Insurance (Overseas) Company Ltd, Macau Life Insurance Company Ltd, Manulife (International) Ltd
18 February 2015 - Guernsey-based investment fund Macau Property Opportunities Fund Ltd.
The higher up the building you go, the more beautiful and expensive are the girls, the higher the stakes at the gambling tables, and the better the music,' wrote Ian Fleming when he visited Macau in the 1960s.
Macau: Chinese President Xi Jinping warned Hong Kong and Macau on Saturday to remember they are part of "one China", as pro-democracy campaigners in both semi-autonomous territories call for free leadership elections.
New York (AirGuideBusiness - Business & Industry Features) Fri, May 2, 2014 - Local authorities and senior officials in Beijing are pushing to diversify Macau away from its reliance on gaming.
A Portuguese colony until 1999, Macau earns the equivalent of Las Vegas's annual revenue in less than two months.
Portugal, China and the Macau Negotiations, 1986-1999