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Tubers produced in Julio de Castilhos in the spring crop and the ones of clones Macaca and SMINIA97145-2 in the autumn crop presented a higher area below the progression curve of percentage of sprouted tubers and number of sprouts per tuber than those produced in Santa Maria (Table 2).
Associate professor Antje Engelhardt from Liverpool John Moores University is also the head of the Macaca Nigra Project.
Proguanil plus sulfamethoxazole is not causally prophylactic in the Macaca mulatta-Plasmodium cynomolgi model.
Age-related changes in auditory function of rhesus monkeys ( Macaca mulatta ).
It was unknown what kind of primate the creature was but Philippine long tailed macaques (scientific name: Macaca Philippinensis) are known to abound in most parts of the country including highland areas like Baguio City.
En especies del genero Macaca, la variabilidad interespecifica de diversas caracteristicas sociales, incluyendo la tendencia conciliatoria, ha sido relacionada con la cercania filogenetica de las especies comparadas (Matsumara 1999; Thierry 2000; Balasubraniam et al.
Longterm mandibular adaptations to protrusive function: an experimental study in Macaca mulatta.
Remarks: The genus Macaca is first recorded in Europe in the latest Miocene locality of Almenara-Casablanca M (Kohler et al.
Those results show what Jorginho's men can do but the Macaca have been off colour too often to be risked again.
These studies have been mostly in Macaca nemestrina (Nandy 1981), Wistar rat (Amenta et al 1991), and the humans (Jernigan et al 2001).
The malaria parasites of the pig-tailed macaque, Macaca nemstrina (Linnaeus) in Malaya.