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United States poet (1892-1982)

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MacLeish brought with him to OFF a number of talented writers who were committed to his truthful philosophy.
Thus, he does not quite fit with poets like MacLeish or Rukeyser, who were previously marginalized in part because they were seen as having communist sympathies, (4) and certainly not with an overtly communist poet such as Edwin Rolfe, all of whom have now been recovered to one degree or another.
Then I had other Americans agree to sign on: Archibald MacLeish, Allen Ginsberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Kenneth Rexroth, Robert Bly, Muriel Rukeyser, Arthur Miller, Rose Styron, Robert Hass, Roger Straus, John Laughlin, Joan Baez, Pete Seeger, Malvina Reynolds.
A selection of offences from the magistrates' courts Laura Macleish, 28, of Fawdon Lane, Fawdon Pleaded guilty to falsifying computer records of accounts at the Thistle Hotel in Newcastle and stealing PS3,159.
He aptly cites MacLeish, who noted at a State Department meeting in 1945 that "electric communications has made foreign relations domestic affair.
MacLeish to observe that "A poem should not mean / But be.
Thus, unlike the Ibadan-Nsukka school of Nigerian poetry, or what some critics refer to as the second generation of Nigerian poets (the first being the pioneering politician-poets of the 1940s and the 1950s), Osundare revolted against the MacLeish doctrine by creating what Funso Aiyejina called the "Alter/Native Tradition" of Nigerian poetry, a truly revolutionary volte-face.
As you leave these grounds, I ask you to reflect on the words of poet Archibald MacLeish, who lost a brother in World War I; words now forever inscribed on the Vietnam pavilion: 'We leave you our deaths.
His evidence for that assertion is a quote from a report by Roosevelt compatriot Librarian of Congress Archibald MacLeish, who reported that his study of public opinion showed that "the Four Freedoms .
Acheson, that brilliant strategist and close friend of Archibald MacLeish, criticized advocates of "massive retaliation" in the 1950s.
One night in the 1930s Archibald MacLeish was reading his poetry at the Bread Loaf Conference in Middlebury, Vermont.
Archibald MacLeish, The New Morning, and Providing the Light of Perspective IV.
Justin Hart marshals a fascinating cast of characters Archibald MacLeish, Robert Sherwood, and William "Wild Bill" Donovan, to name a few--to tell the story of American wartime propaganda.