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Synonyms for agar

any culture medium that uses agar as the gelling agent

a colloidal extract of algae


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All specimens were inoculated on blood and macConkey agar incubated aerobically at 35AoC for 18 to 24 hours.
Isolates encountered here have pink (slightly acidic) mucoid colonies on MacConkey agar and were most likely in the Klebsiella/Enterobacter group.
Produces large dome-shaped mucoid colonies and pink colonies on MacConkey agar.
Test Result Oxidase + Motility + Growth on MacConkey agar + Growth at 42[degrees]C + Nitrate reduction + Indole - Citrate - Arginine dihydrolase + Urea - Gelatin - Esculin -
Out of each sample, 25 g were inoculated into 250 ml peptone water (enrichment broth), incubated at 37degC for 24 h and then, cultivated onto nutrient agar, eosin methylene bile agar (Kim and Bhunia, 2008) and MacConkey agar media and incubated for 24 h at 37degC.
These samples were divided into 3 groups and inoculated into MacConkey agar and Eosin Methylene Blue agar after that the results were noted (1-2).
The swab was used to inoculate the center area of 2 Fisher Brand Sterile 100 mm x 15 mm Polystyrene Petri dishes containing Mannitol Salt agar (Carolina Biological Supply Company, Burlington, NC) and MacConkey agar (Baltimore Biological, Baltimore, MD).
Each swab was initially plated on MacConkey agar (bioMerieux, Brazil) for growth, and combined-disk test (CDT) was applied using 10 [micro]g meropenem (MER) disk (Oxoid, UK) alone, a MER disk plus 10 [micro]l of 40 mg/ml phenylboronic acid (PBA) (Sigma-Aldrich, Germany) for KPC inhibition, and a MER disk plus 10 p of 0.
Nutrient broth, thioglycollate broth, Robertson cooked meat medium, Nutrient agar, MacConkey agar, Blood agar base, Perfringens agar (b) and Perfringens supplement I and II was prepared as per the manufacturer's instructions and Blood agar was prepared with five percent defibrinated sterile sheep blood.
Blood samples were incubated in Brain Heart Infusion broth for 24 hours at 35C prior to subculture on blood and MacConkey agar plates.
pertussis colonies did not grow on common laboratory media such as MacConkey agar and blood agar and were distinguished from other Bordetella species by oxidase- and catalase-positive but urease- and nitrate-nega-tive reactions.