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a cgs unit of magnetic flux equal to the flux perpendicular to an area of 1 square centimeter in a magnetic field of 1 gauss

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Abdullah al Shatti also from Kuwait came third in the MX1 championship.
Because of the Android MX1 media player's compact size and competitive pricing, network operators can inexpensively rollout and manage entire portfolios from a single location on the 11Giraffes digital media platform.
Even though hospital MX1 was authorised to perform legal abortion for limited indications, very few legal abortions were performed.
The MX1 Turkish Grand Prix took place at the Hezarfen Airport in Istanbul on April 11-12, the Presidential Cycling Tour was held between April 12 and 19, the UEFA Cup final game was in Istanbul on May 20, and the Formula 1 Turkish Grand Prix was held at the Istanbul Park Circuit between June 5 and 7.
5G and 3G) smart phones, Motorola's (NYSE:MOT) Semiconductor Products Sector has announced that its DragonBall(TM) MX1 microprocessor will port to all versions of the Symbian operating system (OS).
Motorola's (NYSE:MOT) Semiconductor Products Sector (SPS), Austin, Texas, has announced that the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), a leading South Korean information technology R&D organization, intends to use Motorola's DragonBall(TM) MX1 processor as a platform for creating a state-of-the-art home information appliance.
Mobile multimedia solutions developer Emblaze Systems Ltd has signed an agreement with Motorola Inc's Semiconductor Products Sector that will see the Emblaze MPEG4 multimedia player ported on to the DragonBall MX1 microprocessor.
McHugh's DigitaLogistix now supports the LXE 1280, 2280, MX1 and MX3 handheld computers, and the 1380 vehicle-mount computer, and provides a migration path from 900MHz to 2.
These two new boards demonstrate Microchip's commitment to making digital audio development easy with the PIC32 MX1 and MX2 microcontrollers.
Preston managed to overtake Dennis Stapleton and Teddy Gautier in the third lap of the MX1 race and stayed in the lead till the end.
The aim of this study was to characterize the response patterns of ISG12, ISG15, MX1, and MX2 after exposure to bovine IFNs (bIFNs)-IFNT1, IFNTc1, and IFNA-in uterine epithelial and Mardin-Darby bovine kidney (MDBK) cells.
On Sunday, Scots champion Ross Rutherford will take on rival Tony Craig - and a host of other UK stars in the Safe Access MX1 races in a bid to reclaim his crown.
Two-time Canadian MX1 champion Facciotti was forced to miss the final rounds of the Canadian Motocross Championships while leading after a nasty crash at round five of eight which finished his chances of three consecutive Canadian championships.
And at the club's presentation night - where British MX1 champion Brad Anderson handed out the prizes - he also collected the Riders' Rider trophy for amassing the most points out of anyone in the club, adults included.
The 2009 Black Mamba MX1 is an eye catcher with its trademark Fang structure found on the riser, limb pockets and cams.