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Synonyms for movie

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Kaya Natin 'Yan' (from the movie 100 Tula Para Kay Stella) - lyrics by Jason Paul Laxamana, arranged by Carl Christian Guevarra, interpreted by Bela Padilla
The San Fernando Valley's cinematic past gets its ``Escapes'' close-up in chapters on the Angeles National Forest and the movie ranches of the Santa Susana Mountains and the Simi Hills.
After a few minutes of the movie, however, the story sweeps the audience along, and the casting difficulties become unnoticeable.
Considering the constant emphasis given by the film to the sustaining role that children play in the lives of the adults--a role which for many in the movie seems cruelly clarified only by the sudden loss of children--it's worth noting how relatively absent kids actually are from the drama itself.
It is fitting that these should reemerge at a moment when their ghostly presence has been making itself felt in contexts ranging from Tsai Ming-liang's minimalist Goodbye, Dragon Inn (2003), with its nearly empty movie theater showing the King Hu classic Dragon Inn to spectators seemingly lost in time, to Quentin Tarantino's appropriation of the Shaw Brothers logo for the opening of Kill Bill.
At the end of the day, the character is the character, and I feel pretty comfortable with the tone of the movie.
Supreme Court ordered movie studios to sell off the theaters they owned.
The second half of Working-Class Hollywood shows that movies produced after 1917 became substantially more conservative.
On the actual night of the movie, consider giving folks a short set (four to six) of discussion questions before showing the film.
Lesson 1: It's good to be a dog in a disaster movie.
In any case, a TV-based movie, name recognition notwithstanding, is no more a sure smash than a Chevy Chase film is a sure bomb (actually, the odds are much, much longer on the former).
Faust is a freelance writer who has reviewed thousands of films for the books Video Movie Guide (Ballantine), Movies on TV (Bantam), and The Complete Guide to Videocassette Movies (Holt).
In a review of the movie treatment of psychiatrists in more than 200 films, Schneider says he found that all three incarnations debuted at the dawn of the century.
Today output can be generated in Adobe Flash or in Mimic's proprietary movie format.
What is not widely known is that the release of the movie in 1954 about a couple on a rocky honeymoon meant pulling the plug on ``I Love Lucy: The Movie,'' a feature film version of their sitcom that had already been completed.