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This brings us to the current state and fate of MOS 250N.
Going back to 1961, MOS 741C, Data Processing Technician, ADPS, was created from combining MOS 2403, ADPS operations technician, (created 6 Nov 58) and MOS 2404, ADPS Programmer, (created 6 Nov 58).
MOS 741A, data processing technician, continued to exist for over 10 years until it was converted to MOS 251A, Data Processing Technician, in October 1987.
MOS 96U transitions to the Aviation Branch Proponency by FY08 and will become MOS 15W.
Effective 1 October 2006, MOS 97B will no longer be an entry-level MOS and all current 97B10 positions will be recoded to 97E10.
Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) concerning MOS 97E.