nitrogen mustard

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a toxic compound resembling mustard gas in structure

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For the study, IOP maxima, minima, and fluctuation were chosen as three separate outcome variables while minima, maxima, and fluctuations of SBP, DBP, and MOPP as predictor variables.
The tests in an environmental chamber involved three environmental conditions (neutral: 75[degrees] F & 45% Rh, jungle: 95[degrees] F & 75% Rh, and desert: 110[degrees] F & 20% Rh), two metabolic rate levels (light: 200 Watts (W) and heavy: 425 W), and three MOPP suit levels (0, 2, and 4), for a total of 18 heat stress tests for each subject.
MOPP Levels and the CPOG Worn Equipment MOPP 0 MOPP 1 MOPP 2 MOPP 3 MOPP 4 Overgarment Available Worn Worn Worn Worn Vinyl overboot Available Available Worn Worn Worn Mask and hood Carried Carried Carried Worn Worn Gloves Available Carried Carried Carried Worn More information on chemical/biological agents, MOPP, and CPOG is available at www.
2/EN/ IEC 60601-1, third edition, meeting 2 x MOPP.
At that point, everyone goes to MOPP level four," explained a Soldier from the 375th.
Participants exercised in three different environments while wearing chemical defense clothing (MOPP-0, 2, and 4; MOPP = Mission Oriented Protective Posture; Table 1).
Luso has announced availability of four families of medical grade 2 x MOPP dc/dc converters.
The JRO-CBRN Defense, through the JCCD, sought to validate the use of Air Force CONOPS for split MOPP operations on joint installations.
Speed in decontamination operations meant that some units would fight in MOPP 4 gear.
This effective rehearsal technique was, no doubt, instrumental to the nearly flawless mission execution conducted at combat speed and in MOPP 4 gear the next day.
However, after this project, an entire group of future West Point graduates may view MOPP and CBRN training in a more positive light.