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I take a lot of influence from the 1960s fashion, in particular the Mod scene.
Northern Soul was a British subculture that developed out of the Mod scene in the 1970s and at first revolved around the appreciation of obscure American soul recordings.
Fame, once the most respected white musician on the mod scene, wore a black leather jacket with a simple grey quiff.
When he was in his teens, Oisin's major love was of Northern Soul and the Dublin mod scene.
The movement emerged in the north of the England in the 60s, influenced by Motown and the mod scene.
Birmingham is synonymous with the Mod scene with both the Spencer Davis Group and The Move just two of the bands to hail from the second city in the 1960s.
Steve says: "He was a very credible figure back then during the original mod scene.
He began DJing in the 60s on the early mod scene and grew into Northern Soul as the scene developed, with residencies at The Twisted Wheel and Wigan Casino.
From sloping shoulders and cropped bracelet sleeves to sleek, collarless trim coats, there are various shapes to encapsulate the mod scene.
We have a lot of members who are on the mod scene, scooter scene, soul scene.
A frustrated teenager called Jimmy escapes the trappings of everyday life for weekend parties in Brighton as part of the hedonistic Mod scene, but eventually he rejects these new trappings too because he realises only love can fulfil him - and he has alienated everyone around him.
Commenting on the range of customers he meets from day to day, Paul says: "Aside from those looking for something a bit different, I get a lot of regulars who enjoy the guitar-based indie bands that are around at the moment such as The Enemy and many customers who enjoyed the mod scene - either during the first time round in the '60s or the revival of '79.
I got into the original mod scene in the 60s but our members just like the music and the whole scene.
The Small Faces were one or the best bands of the mid '60s R&B-influenced mod scene, from their knockout debut single "What Cha Gonna Do About It" in 1965 to their crash and burn three years later.