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(computer science) a unit for measuring the execution speed of a computer's CPU (but not the whole system)

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MIPS have been a major source of aggravation for the IRS; since MIPS and similar hybrid securities were first approved as equity for balance sheet purposes, taxpayers have issued an estimated $30 billion in MIPS.
Founded in 1998, MIPS Technologies is based in Mountain View, California, with offices worldwide.
The MIPS Alliance Program (MAP) provides its members with sales and technical assistance as well as broad marketing support such as Internet and traditional marketing and promotional activities.
Express Logic's ThreadX RTOS is an important part of the MIPS Ecosystem and is widely used by our licensees.
The Navigator IDE ensures a comprehensive software development environment with sophisticated features, ease of use, and minimal ongoing cost to the MIPS system developer.
The 34K core family is the first series of licensable MIPS cores that offers SoC designers a superior hardware multi-threading solution to boost system performance while significantly reducing overall SoC die area, cost, and power consumption.
We're proud that 70 percent of all DVD recorders sold today are MIPS-Based, and anticipate extending a similar success into the Blu-ray Disc arena," said Jack Browne, vice president of marketing at MIPS Technologies.
These risks and uncertainties include MIPS Technologies' ability to forecast product acceptance and adoption of technologies by semiconductor companies; to overcome the challenges associated with establishing licensing relationships with semiconductor companies; to anticipate business and economic conditions generally and in the semiconductor industry in particular; to compete in the market for semiconductor IP platforms, claims regarding processor performance; and other risks.
The FS2 System Navigator functions have been integrated with the GDB/Insight debugger distributed by MIPS Technologies as part of the GNU-based MIPS SDE toolchain.
LinuxLink is ideal for rapidly turning the latest MIPS Technologies-developed optimizations into a commercially-supported Linux solution that enables maximum performance on the 24KE core family," said Mike Uhler, chief technology officer, MIPS Technologies.
CORXpert for the 24K Pro Series cores facilitates use of MIPS Technologies' powerful CorExtend(TM) capability, a feature of its Pro Series cores that accelerates software applications running on a MIPS processor by adding new instructions with an optimized computing block tightly coupled to the integer pipeline.
The MIPS Technologies' PDtrace system, coupled with the FS2 System Navigator, provides best-in-class debug capabilities for 24K designs by allowing customers to concurrently capture and view execution flow, load/store addresses and the associated data.
Working with companies such as Magma, 24K core licensees will be assured access to front-to-back end flows from the leaders of the EDA industry," said Russ Bell, vice president of marketing at MIPS Technologies.
the leading supplier of system-level electronic design automation (EDA) software and services, and MIPS Technologies, Inc.
The first software component designed specifically for microprocessors based on the industry-standard MIPS32(R) architecture, Sonic's AC-3 Encoder dramatically cuts chip design cycles by providing MIPS licensees with a high-quality Dolby Digital stereo encoder that can be quickly and easily integrated into microprocessors for consumer electronics products.