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Guo Lin, director of OTA Lab at CTTL-Terminals comments: "We are delighted to be working in partnership with Anite to progress development of MIMO OTA testing solutions, helping mobile operators verify and benchmark the actual performance of devices before market introduction.
Fishler et al (2004) proposed a general antenna configuration is considered where several well-separated sub arrays are used to form MIMO radar with each sub array operating in phased- array mode.
Before presenting the simulation results, first the parameters of simulated Layered MIMO OFDM system is described.
We are very excited about Alienware's powerful new SLI graphics-based mobile solutions that feature Airgo Gen3 True MIMO technology," said Mark Vena, vice president of Marketing for Alienware.
High-speed wireless networking solutions like our new D-Link Super G with MIMO ultimately benefits the consumer in the digital home, enabling next generation speed and range to easily handle emerging, bandwidth-intensive applications, including HD signals and on-line gaming," said Steven Joe, president and CEO of D-Link.
The performance of MIMO is especially sensitive to the system design in a wireless device.
Provides a comprehensive down to earth approach with concise and visual explanations of MIMO Radio Channel
In any MIMO system, ensuring the receiver correctly decodes the MIMO signal is paramount.
AWS is another emerging service that will see widespread deployment in the United States, and MIMO mode will help ensure that wireless carriers will obtain the network capacity they need to support 4G data services," said Chris Jurasek, vice president and general manager, Wireless and Services at TE.
The new report, MIMO Adoption in Mobile Communications, can be found at http://www.
Spirent's test experts are leading the industry in developing a range of new MIMO OTA test methodologies, including techniques that use anechoic and reverberation chambers.
New, easy-to-use solution now available for complex MIMO OTA testing to develop better mobile devices
The EB Propsim F8 MIMO OTA Emulator Enables Realistic Performance Testing of Wireless Mobile Devices for Better End User Experience and Reliability
In short order, demand for Airgo's True MIMO technology has dramatically increased in the PC OEM, retail, enterprise and consumer electronics markets.