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a master's degree in education

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This Press Release contains or incorporates by reference "forward looking statements including certain information with respect to plans and strategies of Med Gen Inc.
He continued, "it should be no surprise to anyone that follows Med Gen, that the company, during this past year, has undergone a complete metamorphous from retail sales orientation to direct to consumer programs; in the process filming five commercials and completing four new Internet Sites.
The Med Gen product line can now boast 15 products, capturing a larger dollar purchase per site visit by offering 9 of the most popular vitamin purchases.
As a precursor to its investment in TV and Print advertising programs, Med Gen has completed a thorough study to support any claims it makes regarding the weight loss program the company hopes will contribute significantly to its revenues and earnings this year.
Increasing the reach of our products is an important part of our building plan," said Paul Mitchell, Med Gen's President and COO.