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Synonyms for metric

a function of a topological space that gives, for any two points in the space, a value equal to the distance between them

a decimal unit of measurement of the metric system (based on meters and kilograms and seconds)

based on the meter as a standard of measurement


the rhythmic arrangement of syllables

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568 million by exporting 102,067 metric tons of vegetables in four months of current financial year as compared the exports of 125,638 metric tons valuing of US$ 35.
If companies don't use the same core set of CX metrics company-wide, there will never be a common dialogue around CX.
In addition to having targets, each metric should have one or more initiatives associated with it that significantly increase the probability of meeting or exceeding the target.
Project quality is concerned with metrics that allow an organization to manage, track, and improve the quality of the software development effort; this area could be viewed as in-process quality management (Hilburn & Townhidnejad, 2000).
As previously mentioned, the LSA metric can provide a range to discriminate semantic relatedness of outcomes/objectives sets of individual academic programs.
Common health indicators, such as the NCQA's HEDIS metrics, are certainly monitored, however, the results are not typically used to assess financial impact of certain clinical or financial strategies.
Iannelli, a smooth-faced man in his 60s, is the Metric Program's director; McCracken, who with his graying dirty-blond hair and mustache looks like a softer Tom Skerritt, is the program's metric coordinator.
Even with all the benefits of measuring our performance in such detail and establishing metric reporting as a key business driver, the process still requires a solid commitment to collect and report the data.
One of the biggest obstacles to adopting the metric system in the United States has probably been our inherent dislike for anything that divorces us from the "feel" or "sense" of our traditional values for weight, measurement, distance, and speed.
Even though the United States trades with countries that primarily use metric, Leslie argues, people overseas still buy quality goods measured in U.
Wheat exports from the country during the period from July-March, 2017-18 grew by 1,190 percent as the commodity exports during the same period of last year was recorded at only 50 metric tons worth of US$ 20,000.
According to the food department sources, the department has distributed 130,373,2 metric ton gunny bags in district Multan, 611,513 metric ton in Lodhran, 870,566 metric ton in Vehari and 106,445,6 metric ton gunny-bags in district Khanewal.
5 million metric tons (mainly from Asia and South America), which is 4 to 5 times higher than 10 years ago.
The new plant, to be constructed in Mesaieed, Qatar, will boost production capacity of DRI from 780,000 metric tons to 2.