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an instrument for measuring the acceleration of aircraft or rockets

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IntelliSense has had a long record of releasing state of the art design solutions to the MEMS community.
Chapters consider the role of MEMS in a number of automotive applications, including passenger safety and comfort, vehicle stability and control
For more than 10 years SUSS MicroTec has successfully developed equipment for MEMS processing.
With a rosy market outlook for consumer and mobile MEMS--IHS iSuppli predicts 22% CAGR through 2015--as well as significant growth in all markets, exceeding US$19B by 2016 according to Yole Developpement, the MEMS industry is meeting demand for mobile handsets, tablets/laptops, video game controllers, automotive applications (tire pressure monitoring systems, airbags, electronic stability systems) and biomedical systems (monitoring, drug-delivery, tissue and organ replacement), in ever-increasing numbers.
a filter that eliminates a specified narrow bandwidth frequency from a signal consisting of frequencies of a given bandwidth) in the MEMS mirror serves to suppress the mechanical resonance (a phenomenon whereby the input of an external signal at a certain frequency induces strong vibrations) that normally occurs when switching the optical signal.
Totally revamped from previous years, this ALL NEW 2011 edition of Status of the MEMS Industry presents MEMS device markets, key player strategies, key industry changes and trends including foundries business evolution.
The MEMS switches and waveguides are made together on a single crystal silicon wafer using widely available semiconductor processing equipment.
Based on a single driving mass manufactured using a surface micromachining process, this Tuning Fork MEMS Gyroscope achieves a dimension of 4x4x1.
This technology will reduce the size and cost of high-speed, high-precision control for MEMS actuators by an order of magnitude over anything currently available," commented Dr.
From SMI's revolutionary MEMS fabrication processes to the micro- and nanoscale research being conducted at RPI, UTD, and UNT, each participant is a vital contributor in this innovative program.
In the face of a collapsing mainstream semiconductor sector over the past 18 months, the MEMS business held its own and remained flat.
MEMS, abbreviated for Micro Electro Mechanical Systems, is a semiconductor technology integrating mechanics and electronics, which got widely applied for auto airbag preliminarily, and then for all the other auto industries via MEMS sensor.
Only available report providing a complete vision and analysis of the MEMS industry, from end customers to devices and equipment and materials manufacturers
Texas-based Company Extends Tronics Microsystems' Custom MEMS Expertise and Significantly Increases MEMS Volume-Production Capabilities for North American Companies