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A pattern of evidence derived from studies of patients and animal models suggests that the elevated nitric oxide/peroxynitrite theory can be extended to MCS, FM, and PTSD (Pall 2001b; Pall and Satterlee 2001).
Catalytic MCS automatically creates C code from MATLAB code, eliminating the traditional process of manual translation.
MCS is acquired in relation to some documentable environmental exposure that may initially have produced a demonstrable toxic effect.
Working with MCS, we helped customers to determine what approach was right for each of them and then we were able to guide them as they evaluated their needs and developed their strategies.
MCS, with 55,000 HMO and self-funded lives in Bakersfield and Delano, Calif.
We're delighted to be working with MCS as they have a 20-year proven track record of excellence in healthcare communications, with a particularly strong history and expertise in cardiology.
MCS deployed Citrix access infrastructure to replace a decentralized IT system that would have inhibited the company's growth, since many acquired locations typically have low-bandwidth connections and outdated computers that cannot run the company's business applications.
Computer Talk's ice3 and Nortel Networks MCS 5200 to provide unified multi-channel contact center communications for enhancing customer care.
Uniden, a leading manufacturer of wireless consumer electronics products, also intends to make its suite of enterprise SIP terminals and a planned suite of SIP consumer VoIP solutions interoperable with Nortel Networks MCS client.
The MCS 5100 collaboration suite provides users with simplicity and flexibility in connecting with each other regardless of distance, device or location.
The HUG trial features Nortel Networks MCS 5100 working in conjunction with an existing Nortel Networks Succession 1000 IP (Internet Protocol) telephony infrastructure.
Standard & Poor's--Standard & Poor's Ratings Services today said the acquisition of MCS Property Ltd.
MCS affects approximately 15 per cent of the population, three to four per cent so severely that lifestyle changes are mandatory for survival, and thousands have been placed on permanent or long-term disability.
USFilter) has acquired MCS Technologies LLC (MCS), a leader in the refinery waste separation and treatment services market based in Corpus Christi, Texas.