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OriginOil and MBD Energy enter into strategic partnership agreement covering product deliveries, joint development, technology protection and exclusivities.
OriginOil's unit is the second product to be shipped in the test phase of a multi-phase commercialization program under which OriginOil has agreed to supply MBD Energy with progressively larger installations of its algae-to-oil technology as the scale of MBD's algal synthesizer projects grows.
MBD is in the final stages of commissioning a large, $13 million natural algal astaxanthin facility near Ayr, which has created approximately 20 full-time jobs in regional Queensland.
Recently, OriginOil notified MBD Energy that it is ready to ship a Quantum Fracturing System, designed to maximize algae CO2 absorption with minimal energy, to MBD Energy's research and development facility at James Cook University in Queensland, Australia.
In the full production systems, OriginOil's technology will be integrated into the MBD system to enhance algae growth and perform oil extraction.
More information about the 3D MBD seminar, including registration information and a detailed agenda, can be found online.
MBD are fine-tuning their technology for commercialisation and Pacific Reef Fisheries have a cost-effective means to remove waste contaminants from their discharge water.
To the most astute global travelers, the MBD Prive Collection presents a lavish experience including a personal butler, access to the Prive Lounge, signature amenities, and in-room technology that caters to personal specifications and much more with an effortless and luxury stay experience.
This research used a database of civil servants in Santa Catarina who have medical certificates for absence from work due to MBD (code F of ICD-10).
In a study involving 278 breast cancer patients, researchers examined the prognostic value of MBD and mammographic tumour features and their relationship with the established prognostic factors.
17 North 6th Street at The Edge is the perfect location for Smarter Toddler and we were tasked with creating a warm, inviting environment that reflected Smarter Toddler's distinctive brand as well as the Williamsburg neighborhood," said MBD President Mark Borowski.
3) Nearly all patients who die of PC have skeletal involvement, (4) and MBD increases the risk of death nearly 7-fold in PC patients.
The project may have been successful in some places, but in residential areas where population density is high, such as in MBD which has a large number of restaurants and similar places of business, the new waste bins have seemingly failed to produce the desired results.
With a new restaurant opening in the CBD and MBD area of the capital almost every other day, they hardly ever make news.
MBD sees the acquisition in line with its strategy of investing in top global franchises and growing them through buys as well as organic projects, co-head of Corporate Equity Investing in Europe Martin Hintze said in a statement, adding that MBD would support the inks maker's growth strategy.