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a master's degree in business

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By expanding our MBA program offerings, we're doing just that.
This year's Spring Accredited MBA Fair, which will host over 20 top business schools from the UK and abroad, takes place at the Radisson Blu Portman Hotel, London, on 10 April, from 18.
Candidates will be able to meet MBS counsellors one-to-one to discuss the full time and part time MBA options, said a statement from the top UK institution.
However scoring well on tests is no guarantee for a highly coveted spot in a top-ranked MBA program.
The university also had added MBA programs in engineering and educational leadership.
More than 70 percent of full-time MBA programs cite a decline in operations this year when compared with 2004, according to the Graduate Management Admissions Council.
After working with many agrimarketers in the program, we can say that the primary benefits to pursuing an MBA while working full time generally come in four areas: tools for quantitative analysis; deeper knowledge in finance and accounting; a broader perspective on the market environment; and a fundamental understanding of the other business functions Quantitative analysis is not typically a topic one ties to agrimarketers.
In addition to the two-year residential daytime program, Fuqua offers three executive MBA programs--each tailored to different Life and career stages.
Full-time Accelerated MBA and Early Advantage MBA programs and Executive MBA students gain a multidimensional understanding of cultural issues from the International Study Trip (the cost of the trip is included in the tuition).
That's a good way to describe the point at which a current or future business administration professional decides to join an MBA program overseas.
With the help of the APC and MBA, D-squared Development in LaGrande, Ore.
Although none of the nine leading MBA schools I contacted offers a communication major, many are including some form of management communication in their programs.
The program's co-authors were Mark Iannone, past president and member of the Board of Governors, MBA of Now York; Ralph Cusano, MBA Finance Committee chairperson; Richard Nardi, MBA secretary; and Stuart Root, special advisor to MBA.
It's odd how CEOs complain about MBA types yet their own companies continue to buy the product.