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a master's degree in business

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28 MBA Workshop: Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA)
The team will meet prospective MBA candidates at special 1-on-1 sessions during the Access MBA events.
Markus gives an example with defining leadership: "Leadership is a fundamental MBA essay question," he says, "However, Japanese typically have a very narrow definition of leadership as the guy in charge.
But while it may appear that applications have dropped significantly, there are other factors at play that don't spell doom for the MBA,'' said Bob Ludwig, director of external communications at GMAC, a McLean, Va.
The final area of focus is the fundamental understanding of the other business functions that a good MBA program will cultivate.
Without breaking stride in their careers, business leaders earn their MBAs on alternate weekends over 20 months.
Lisa Zeiher, a graduate of the Rochester-Bern MBA programme says, "My interest in pursuing an MBA was sparked by my desire to compete in my company's highly competitive internal job market, while at the same time build a better external network in Switzerland, where my husband and I have chosen to live.
The MBA students also sought alternatives that could be employed to generate revenue, such as direct sales to the German defense, power generation and aerospace industries.
The main advantage in the selection of Spain when it comes to choosing an MBA program is somewhat related to the cultural coherence," explained Salvador Aragon, a professor at the Instituto de Empresa (IE).
Although the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Management is traditionally known as a quantitively oriented school, "there is a recognition in recent years that communication is much more important to management," says Patrick McLaurin, assistant director of the MBA communication program.
The program's co-authors were Mark Iannone, past president and member of the Board of Governors, MBA of Now York; Ralph Cusano, MBA Finance Committee chairperson; Richard Nardi, MBA secretary; and Stuart Root, special advisor to MBA.
Small-business CEOs have forsaken the full-time MBA programs altogether as a source of talent.
3-4 MBA Workshop: Advanced Servicing, Washington, DC
Wagner, BA; Andrew Russell Davis, BSBA, magna cum laude; Lindsey Marissa Johnson, MBA