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a master's degree in library science

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Exact cause of MALS is not known although studies suggest that compression of celiac axis may lead to irritation, fibrosis and enlargement of the nearby celiac ganglia, which is responsible for the symptoms.
These results verified reduction of frictional resistance by MALS even when installed on high-speed, slender ships.
A MALS is normally assigned to an identically numbered Marine Aircraft Group (MAG), which typically consists of four to six Marine Corps aircraft squadrons.
The key factor that separates a MALS from a Navy Aviation Intermediate Maintenance facility is that a MALS is fully deployable by sea or airlift within 48 hours.
MALS is MHI's proprietary technology that reduces fuel consumption and carbon dioxide (CO2) by a layer of air bubbles blown out from the vessel's bottom.
The MALS squadron commander is able to effectively control and manage all aviation logistics functions within the Marine Aircraft Group (MAG) and provide the MAG commander a total support package.
Reduction in the cell volume of a MALS system can create significant technical difficulties because of increased proximity of the laser beam to cell/sample interfaces.