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a master's degree in library science

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These results verified reduction of frictional resistance by MALS even when installed on high-speed, slender ships.
A MALS is normally assigned to an identically numbered Marine Aircraft Group (MAG), which typically consists of four to six Marine Corps aircraft squadrons.
The key factor that separates a MALS from a Navy Aviation Intermediate Maintenance facility is that a MALS is fully deployable by sea or airlift within 48 hours.
The air blown out by the MALS from the vessel's bottom produces small air bubbles which cover the vessel's bottom like an "air-carpet", which reduces friction between the hull and seawater during navigation.
Following the successful launching of the MALS on module carriers, MHI has completed a newly developed concept design for bulk carriers, a major marine transportation vessel, that enables an approximately 25% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to conventional vessels, thanks to application of the MALS complemented with high-efficiency hull form and improved propulsion system.
In this less advantageous mode, the MALS is unable to provide IMA support afloat, and must conduct an offioad and reassemble its facilities ashore before it is capable of supporting operations.
In 2001, MALS-14 was honored as the Marine Corps Aviation Association's MALS of the Year.