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a measure of the money supply

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In this study we have taken output, M2 money supply in India.
Still, the board of directors of the CBC resolved to maintain the targeted growth range for M2 money supply, as well as the policy interest rates, unchanged yesterday.
These effects have been so strong that it is possible that further cuts in short-term interest rates would actually shrink the M2 money supply as that supply is currently measured.
Our outstanding M2 money supply has at the end of March exceeded 100 trillion yuan, and that is already twice the size of our gross domestic product (GDP)," Li was quoting as saying.
Figures indicate that the broad M2 money supply grew 14.
Market sentiment turned negative as South Korea's M2 Money Supply grew at a slower rate in September than in the previous month, indicating that more monetary easing policies are necessary to increase the amount of currency in circulation.
M2 money supply growth slowed to a 29-month low of 8.
M2 money supply, which includes time and savings deposits, increased 12.
In separate data, the BOJ said the benchmark M2 money supply gauge came to 796.
M2 money supply growth in Qatar also slowed for the ninth straight month to 2 per cent in March, when total domestic liquidity stood at 179.
A breakdown of the report shows that increases in the pace of deliveries, building permits, stocks prices, M2 money supply, the interest rate spread, and consumer expectations all contributed to the large increase.