Thompson submachine gun

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In 1992, eight years after I purchased the British M1928A1, I located an M1 Thompson in almost unfired condition and equipped with the correct bolt group having a hammer and spring-loaded floating firing pin.
Nominal cyclic rate of M1 Thompsons was 700 rounds per minute.
GANGSTER FILM: Boy with M1 Thompson gun; TAKING AIM: Youth said he was going to kill rabbits; IRRESPONSIBLE: Youth shows off gun as older man watches on
In fact, I think it's harder to hold on target than my M1 Thompson.
Me speaking, "I've bought an American M1 Thompson from 1942, a German MP40 from 1941, and a British STEN gun from 1943.
Surprisingly, the change to the M1A1 only saved the government 6cents on the price of the M1 Thompson.
John Purcell shouldered the M1 Thompson and directed a series of short bursts at the steel gongs hanging 50 and 75 yards downrange.
When I examined and disassembled both Model 1927A1 and M1 Thompsons, not one internal part was found with a burr or file mark.