Mycobacterium tuberculosis

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cause of tuberculosis

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Previous studies and our study demonstrate that TB patients can be reinfected with a new strain of M.
The scientists isolated a mutant strain of Streptomyces lividans that is sensitive to a variety of structurally unrelated antibiotics that kill some other bacteria but don't deter M.
Particularly alarming is the increase in the number of people with multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB), caused by M.
Liver and tracheobronchial lymph node specimens collected at necropsy were positive by AFB stain and positive for M.
Knowledge of the molecular bases for the properties or characteristics which allow M.
tuberculosis, one of the following can occur: 1) they can progress quickly to disease (with probability p); 2) they can become latently infected with M.
They did skin and blood tests, a physical exam, and checked sputum for M.
From an evolutionary point of view, the multiple rpoB mutations in M.
A team of researchers in Europe has recently discovered that M.
To our knowledge, this report is the first to describe drug-resistant patterns in M.
Many of these, especially in hospitals and other health-care settings in large cities (5), were caused by multidrug-resistant M.
When molecular genotyping technology is applied to outbreaks or unusual clusters of disease, persons sharing M.
DNA fingerprinting, with IS6110 as a probe, has been used successfully to trace transmission of M.
The molecular epidemiologic data indicate that the cases reported were caused by a strain of M.
The second set was 12 low-band (exhibiting fewer than six copies of IS6110 by RFLP analysis) M.