Mycobacterium tuberculosis

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cause of tuberculosis

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Two years ago, Brigitte Gicquel and her colleagues at the Pasteur Institute in Paris became the first researchers to identify a specific gene affecting how infectious M.
At about the same time, two other papers--one published in the January INFECTION AND IMMUNITY, the other in the January JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY--identified more M.
Bishai of the Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health in Baltimore has found a regulatory gene, called sigF, that helps M.
A positive skin test indicates that an individual has been exposed to M.
These findings suggest that in many cases, the Indians' T cells don't effectively rout M.
Even more curious, when de Sousa and her colleagues drew blood, they found that compared to Brazilians of European ancestry, the Yanomami have higher concentrations of antibodies, immune proteins directed against M.
In two of the earliest studies conducted in the United States, one in San Francisco and one in New York City, the authors assumed that M.
The fruitful use of DNA genotyping to confirm and refine our understanding of M.
Develop the Capacity of Local TB Controllers To Identify Patients with Related M.
However, he and his colleagues are still not sure how the active form of isoniazid kills M.
Unlike most tuberculosis patients not infected with HIV, those with the virus usually develop M.
Identifying possible families in these array patterns may be important in understanding the evolution and spread of pathogens such as M.
Bioinformatic analyses, like logo analysis, may prove useful in obtaining further data from the large M.
tuberculosis: its varied utility as a tool in TB prevention and control and its value in the measurement of the overall diversity of M.
These researchers also describe how DNA fingerprinting affected the identification of M.